The Taggat Lagoon in Claveria

Taggat Lagoon Claveria Cagayan Rock Formation Beach Waterfall Meadow Garden Location Size Depth Camping Hiking Trail Swimming Fishing Camping Picnic Length History Resort Description Fish Water The Taggat Lagoon is located in Claveria in the Cagayan Province. The Taggat Lagoon is characterised by legendary rock formations, a long stretch of golden sandy beach, a small waterfalls and segrass meadows and coral gardens. The lagoon is relatively small in size, with both sides of the mouth bordered by a hill and a few rock formations between these two enclosing the bay’s cove. Snorkeling activities are facilitated by certified Reef Rangers. The lagoon also provides a dock area for the fisherman in the village. Continue reading

The Cabicungan River in Clavera

Cabicungan River Clavera Cagayan Location Ubing Point Centro Sexto Length Depth Fishing Boat Rizal Park Bridge Water Swimming Cruise Paddle Tour History Distance Size Hiking Trail Landmark Info Sports Cabicungan River is located in Clavera in the Cagayan Province. Located next to the Nagabaron River, the Cabicungan River is a major landmark and attraction in the town of Claveria. Situated between Ubing-Ubing Point and Centro Sexto, the Cabicungan River is many things to many people; It is a source of food, a means of transportation, a venue for recreation and as part of history and culture. The river is conveniently located near the Rizal Park and the Clavera Bridge. Cabicungan River will soon be the venue of paddling and cruising experiences. Continue reading

Camalaniugan Bell in Cagayan

Camalaniugan Bell Cagayan Belfry San Jacinto Polonia Parish Church History Construction International Eucharistic Congress Oldest Date Santa Maria Antiquity Building Brick Spanish Location Height Size Camalaniugan is home to the oldest bell in the far east. Located at the belfry of the San Jacinto de Polonia Parish in Cagayan Province, this bell was forged in 1595 and was brought to Manila in 1937 as part of the attractions during the 33rd International Eucharistic Congress, making it the oldest in the Philippines and in Asia. The Quadricentenial Anniversary of the evangelization of Camalaniugan town was celebrated on June 15, 1996. Camalaniugan is 93.6 kilometers from Tuguegarao. The Camalaniugan Bell, also known as the Santa Maria Bell and the Bell of Antiquity, is housed on the top of a three-storey storey square-shaped brick belfry. A significant heritage passed down by our Spanish colonizers to the proud townsfolk of Camalaniugan. Continue reading

Evangelization Cross in Cagayan

Evangelization Cross Lallo Cagayan Province Spanish History Date Construction Church Anniversary Lady Piat Macau China River Location Size Park Story Spanish Religion Description Length Description The Evangelization Cross is located in Lal-lo, Cagayan Province. The cross dates back to the Spanish period and is believed to be 300 years old. The Evangelization Cross is located at a park in front of the Lal-lo Church to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Our Lady of Piat image in Lal-lo from Macau, China. The Lal-lo Evangelization Cross is located across the Cagayan River. Continue reading

Portabaga Falls in Cagayan

Portabaga Falls Santa Praxedes Cagayan Waterfalls Location Distance Height Swimming Depth Length Meters Feet Pool Swimming Basin Community Entrance Fee Hiking Trail Camping Resort Visit Fees Highway Portabaga Falls is located in Santa Praxedes in Cagayan Province. Portabaga Falls is the tallest waterfalls in the province and measures 15 meters in height (41 feet). It has three drop off points and a man-made pools filled with water from the falls. The pools are suitable for swimming. The community of Santa Praxedes is 194 kilometers away from Tuguegarao City and the location of the falls is only 100 meters from the highway. Every year, an estimated 17,000 tourists visit the Portabaga Falls. The entrance fee is P10 pesos per person. Continue reading

The Tuguegarao Cathedral

Saint Peter Paul Metropolitan Cathedral Tuguegarao Cagayan Church Gomez Street Province Archdiocese Seat Spanish Structure History Construction Souvenir Program Parish Damage Renovation Luna Rizal The Saint Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral in Cagayan, commonly known as the Tuguegarao Cathedral, is located on Gomez Street in Cagayan Province. This church is the seat of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao. The church with belfry is the biggest Spanish-built church in Cagayan Valley, constructed under the supervision of Fr. Antonio Lobato, OP on June 17, 1761 to 1767 (Cagayan Souvenir Program, 1968). The cathedral suffered massive destruction in WW II and was rebuilt by Msgr. Bishop Constance Jurgens. It is considered as one the of the most beautiful works of art in the country and the world today. Its picture appears at Rome Basilica. Entrance to the cathedral is located at the corner of Luna and Rizal Streets in Tuguegarao City. Continue reading

Tallag Beach in Gonzaga

Tallag Beach in Gonzaga CagayanTallag Beach is located along the seashore of Barangay Cabanbanan Norte in Gonzaga, Cagayan province. It has ancient caves protruding over the stretch of the beach. It has fine black sand, stones and boulders of various sizes. Its coral reef is abundantly covered by various seaweed species. Its groves are ideal for picnics and parties. Natural shades along the coast is provided by shady trees and bushes. The beach is accessible by any motorized vehicle passing thru a 3-kilometer road from the national highway. Boat riding along the beach adds fascination to your visit at Tallag Beach. Assorted sizes and colorful corals and game fishes can be viewed thru the clear, silent waters of the shallow sea.

Palaui Island, Cagayan

Survivor Season 27Palaui Island, a piece of paradise awaits you in the Babuyan Channel in northeastern Luzon. Palaui Island is just a few hundred meters off the northeastern tip of Luzon. Though it is theoretically swimming distance from the mainland, the island’s features are so distinct from anything in Luzon that it might as well be in the middle of the Pacific. In fact, Palaui’s volcanic rock is very different from Luzon’s limestone and leads many to believe that the island sprung out of the ocean and was never a part of the mainland. This uniqueness and remote atmosphere make Palaui a truly special destination. The 2,439-hectare Palaui Island offers a virtually untouched landscape of grass meadows, rice fields and Continue reading

Pavvu-Rulun Festival in Tuguegarao

Pavvu-Rulun Festival CagayanThe Pavvu-Rulun Festival is held every August in Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province. The Ibanag culture and tradition is showcased during this festival. Pavvurulun is an Ibanag word which means get-together. It gathers Tuguegaraoenos to a weeklong festivities culminating with a mass and procession of the patron saint on August 16. This festival honors St. Hyacinth, which is being venerated at the Ermita de San Jacinto. Pav-vurulun which means comng together allows all members of the community to join in the celebrations from the well applauded street dancing competitions, drum, bugle and lyre competitions, beauty pagent, agri-trade fairs and job fairs, among many others. The highlight of the event is the outdoor Continue reading

Calvary Hills in Iguig

Calvary Hills Iguig CagayanCalvary Hills is located within the grounds of the Spanish colonial era church of Iguig, Cagayan. This area is known for its lifesize images of the stations of the cross which is popular with devotees during the Holy Week. Its elevation provides breathtaking views of the valley made fertile by the Cagayan River. The Calvary Hills of Iguig, Cagayan Valley consists of the 11 hectares of rolling hills with life-size concrete statues of the station of the cross and the church of San Antonio de Galicia. This colonial place is popular for the devotees of the Holy Week (Lenten Season), which depicts Jesus Christ suffering. There was also a great view of the Cagayan Valley river, the longest river of the Philippines. Continue reading