Cabatuan Church in Iloilo

San Nicolas Tolentino Church Cabatuan Iloilo Building Location History Construction Neoclassical Architecture World War 2 Damage The Cabatuan Church, officially known as the San Nicolas de Tolentino Church, is located in Cabatuan, Iloilo. The Cabatuan Church was built under the guidance and direction of Augustinian Friar Ramón Alquezar. Friar Alquezar remained in Cabatuan until is death in 1863. Neoclassical in style, the church replaced the temporary ones constructed by earlier priests. Every side of the church is a facade in itself. Its walls are overlaid with red bricks. Before World War II, there was a spacious rectory or convento, which can accommodate 3000 people, at the right side of the church. It was however burned by the guerillas in 1942 as part of their scorched earth strategy. In 1943, it was demolished by the Japanese Imperial Army and its bricks were used as overlay for the Tiring Landing Field. On Jan. 25, 1948, the Continue reading