Palagsing Festival in Butuan

PalagsingThe Palagsing Festival is held every August in Butuan City. The festival features a competition for the longest and the best tasting palagsing. Each province in the Philippines has a different type of kakanin ( snack made Out of rice, starch) which we definitely proud of Like Sapin-Sapin, which is found in Nueva Ecija. Sapin-Sapin is an attractive snack since it has different colors which is appealing to the eyes like violet, yellow, white. It has also sprinkled with Latik ( grilled coconut) then there’s a kakanin known as palitaw, which is found in Pampanga, palitaw is a kaKanin that floats when it is cooked. One of the kakainins that could definitely fill our stomach is the palagsing, palagsing is a type of suman which is colored brown and wrapped in banana leaves, it is found in butuan city Continue reading

Adlaw Hong Butuan Festival

Adlaw Hong Butuan FestivalThe Adlaw Hong Butuan is a yearly event in Butuan City that celebrates its Charter Day. The Adlaw Hong Butuan presents the city’s modern culture through street parties, beauty pageants, motorcades, and a parade of performers and colorful floats. Part of the major activities of Adlaw Hong Butuan is the celebration of another festival, the Abayan Festival, also in Butuan. This festival is celebrated in Butuan City on August 2. The event also aims to show to all the tourists and natives the way of life, customs and trade of the people living in the city.

Since Butuan became a city, the Adlaw Hong Butuan has been celebrated year after year. During this Butuan festival, government and Continue reading

Abayan Festival in Butuan

Abayan Festival ButuanThe Abayan Festival is a commemoration to another one of the city’s patron saints, St Anne. The statue of St Anne is carried by a large decorated float by a main boat and surounded by small boats, or bancas, as they sail on the river. Local stories state that the festival was primarily established to pay tribute to St Anne, who has protected the residents crossing the river by driving away the infesting crocodiles. The Abayan Festival is known for its yearly baroto race, a race of small, colorful boats on the river. The festival is held every the last Sunday of July. The festivities are highlighted by Baroto Races and indigenous games for men, women and children, Continue reading

Vinafor Beach in Butuan

Vinafor Beach ButuanThe Vinafor Beach is easily the beach diving site in Butuan, and according to the Tourism Board, is one of the top 5 beaches in the city. This is the place for the adrenaline junkies who enjoy a thrill ride above everything else. The activities are endless, from water skiing to snorkeling, but the true star is the diving here. Experienced divers will enjoy the deep waters that are simply teeming with marine life, while rookies will enjoy the comprehensive diving lessons that are provided by some of the agencies around. The night view of the beach is spectacular as well, with the light hitting the water and creating pretty patterns that dance in the moonlight. It is the perfect place to end the day with a slow stroll by the water.

Banza Church Ruins in Butuan

Banza Church Ruins ButuanThe Banza Church was built in 1625 by the Recollect Friars, and was reduced into ashes in 1753 by Moro pirates. What remains of this church is its bell tower banyan (balete) tress. Now enveloped by as the most beautiful church in the region before its destruction. Today, it is the oldest ruin of a stone church in the entire island of Mindanao. Continue reading

Agusan River in Butuan

Agusan River ButuanThe Agusan River in Butuan is the biggest and longest river in Mindanao. A cruise along the river barangays reveals so much in Butuan`s history, culture, art, and people, and as a tribute to the Patroness of the Agusan River Senora Sta. Ana, the Abayan Festival was born – a day long celebration of baroto races and fluvial procession at the Agusan River.

Nipa Wine Distilleries in Butuan

Nipa Wine Distillery ButuanLaksoy is local wine made out of indigenous Nipa Palm that abound in Butuan. It goes through the process of fermentation from a crudely made vat only a native Butuanon can ingenuously produce. Laksoy is definitely one of the best tasting local wines in the Island. Continue reading

Butuan National Museum

Butuan National MuseumThis museum is the repository of historical and cultural materials and artifacts that proves Butuan’s prehistoric existence and rich cultural heritage. There are two exhibit galleries. The Archaeological Hall and Ethnological Hall Specimens of stone crafts, metal crafts, woodcrafts, poteries, goldsmithing, burial coffins, and other archaeological diggings are exhibited. At the Ethnological Hall are exhibits of contemporary cultural materials the Butuanon or every Filipino for matter used for a living. Continue reading

Mount Mayapay in Butuan

Mount Mayapay ButuanLooming Southwest of the Agusan Valley is this majestic mountain plateau, an interesting landmark in Butuan City. It is 2,214 feet above sea level. Mount Mayapay got its name from the ancient Madjapahit Empire. The history behind the Sri-Vishaya period bears much meaning and influence of Butuan’s pre-historic and archeological discoveries. Continue reading

Kahimunan Festival in Butuan

Kahimunan Festival ButuanThe Kahimunan Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January in celebration of the city patron Sr. Sto. Niño. This celebration is the version of the Sinulog festival of Cebu City. Kahimunan is a Lumad term which means “gathering”.
Cultural festival/tourism consciousness week is a long celebration that lasts from the last week of July up to August 2 in celebration of the Charter Day of Butuan. Continue reading