Mount Makaturing in Butig

Mount Makaturing Butig Lanao Del Sur Stratovolcano Volcano Mindanao Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Mount Makaturing is located in Butig in Lanao del Sur Province. Mount Makaturing is a stratovolcano; it has a conical shape built from overlapping layers of volcanic ash, lava and pumice. Mount Makaturing is part of the Central Mindanao arc of volcanoes. With an elevation of 1,940 meters, it might not be one the highest peaks in the Philippines but it’s still worth exploring, especially if you’re interested in volcanoes or just want to take a refreshing and invigorating hike. Experts can’t really confirm exactly how many times Makaturing has erupted, but it’s worth noting that it’s considered to be a dormant but still highly active volcano. Continue reading