Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation Burgos Ilocos Norte Beach Ocean Coast Stone Boulders Texture Limestone Cliff History Geology South China Sea Water Location Viewing Deck Panoramic Selfie White Lighthouse The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is located on the rocky coast of Burgos in Ilocos Norte Province. It is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestone formations. The Kapurpurawan Rock Formation was created naturally by the South China Sea crashing into the limestone cliffs of Burgos. There is an entrance fee of P15 per person. You can hike 15 minutes to the rock or you could take a horse and get there in 10 minutes. Aside from the constructed viewdeck, make sure to check the back which also has some interesting panoramic views. Kapurpurawan Rocks are located a few steps from the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse. Burgos is located on the northwestern tip of Ilocos Norte. Continue reading

Siargao Island

Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, Gen. luna, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Santa Monica, and SocorroSiargao Island is composed of 48 islands and islets-politically divided into nine municipalities: Burgos, Dapa, Del Carmen, General Luna, Pilar, San Benito, San Isidro, Santa Monica, and Socorro. Siargao Island contains the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao, at Del Carmen. Long stretches of wetlands indicate a potential for commercial seaweed propagation. Siargao Island is greatly influenced by the winds and currents coming uninterrupted from the Pacific Ocean, intensified by the Mindanao current running westward through the Siargao Strait. Siargao Island’s coordinates are 9°52′N, 126°03′E. Offshore, a classic tropical island lies protected within its surrounding coral reef with dozens of coconut palms dressed in the center circle of the island. Off to the right, well within the massive coastal reef, lies a shining white sand bar, (Pansukian, or Naked island) Continue reading

Bolikewkew Rice Terraces in Burgos

Bolikewkew Rice TerracesThe main livelihood of the townspeople of Burgos, La Union which is farming, manifest itself in this breathtaking view of green fields. This rice fields located at Bolikewkew, Delles, Burgos is a peek of Banaue Rice Terraces. The mountains surrounding these terraces are good venues for hiking and mountain climbing.

Although not as popular and not close to the spectacular grandeur of the 2000-year old Hagdan-Hagdang Palayan ng Banaue more commonly known as Banaue Rice Terraces, referred as the “Eighth Wonder of the World” Bolikewkew Rice Terraces is an accessible alternative.

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Malatongtong Falls in Sablayan

Malatongtong Falls SablayanLocated at Barangay Burgos, about 37 kilometers south of the ton proper. A 20 foot falls with scenic verdant forest backdrop rushes into a natural crystal clear pool towards more miniature falls flowing into the river. The falls got its name from the word “tongtong” meaning to “to step” on top of the big stones.