The Leyte Mountain Trail

Mahagnao LakeThe Leyte Mountain Trail is an outstanding trekking area which starts from the Mahagnao Natural Park in Burauen to Lake Danao Natural Park in Ormoc, a distance of approximately 40 kilometers. This rainforest tour of three to four days takes you to the beautiful lakes of – Mahagnao, Malagsum, Casudsu-ran and Danao. Be amazed by the spectacular Guinaniban Falls, and the breathtaking view of mountains, forests, plains and the island of Samar and Leyte from the crest of the central Amandiwing Mountain Range. Enjoy the heady profusion of tropical flora and fauna including colourful insects, Continue reading

Mahagnao Volcano National Park in Burauen

Mahagnao LakeEstablished as a national park since 1937; awe-inspiring craters, hotsprings, multi-colored muds and rocks, lakes, virgin forests with giant ferns and orchids, lagoon, and temperate climate.

Most people travel to Lake Mahagnao Volcanic National Park to trek through the stunning countryside past a vast array of flora and fauna including orchids, lilies, colorful birds, giant ferns and tropical shrubs. There is plenty to see along the way such as dazzling waterfalls and a flowing river. The focal point of the park is two volcanic craters consisting of cool Mahagnao Lake and warm Malagsum Lake. Continue reading