The Pagasa Weather Station in Bato

Pagasa Weather Radar Station Buenavista Bato Catanduanes dippler facility weather bureau prediction typhoon storm observatory tower construction history height location distance forecast bulletin The PAGASA Weather Radar Station is located in Buenavista, Bato in Catanduanes Province. 2012, the latest state of the art Doppler radar station that sits atop a mountain and is expected to mitigate the effects of devastating typhoons in the country as the state weather agency. The new facility is seen to boost the capability of the state weather bureau to monitor weather, especially tropical cyclones, with improved tracking of rainfall, wind speed, and other important data. PAGASA predicts incoming typhoons. The new radar station can also transmit data real-time for faster, more regular, and more accurate forecasts – which the weather bureau has been trying to make improvements to after getting criticism for imprecise and slow forecast announcements in the past. It will also provide more accurate weather forecasts Continue reading

The Bulusukan Falls in Buenavista, Marinduque

Bulusukan Falls Bagtingon Buenavista Marinduque Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing History The Bulusukan Falls is located in Bagtingon, Buenavista in Marinduque Island. The Bulusukan Waterfalls is one of the best spots in the province of Marinduque. The water flows from the remaining forests of barangay Bagtingon. The place is popular among the locals because of its cool fresh water that comes from the mountain and the place looks and feel really peaceful, great place to be if you’re stressed out. The place also has a lot of different creautures living near there like butterflies, monkeys, wild cats, deer and boas. The Bulusukan Falls is about a 45 minute hike from Bagtingon. Continue reading

Mahayag Beach in Tandag

Mahayag Beach Tandag Surigao del Sur Buenavista Resort Island Location Surf Snorkeling Swimming Ambray Family Location Mahayag Beach is located in Tandag, Surigao del Sur. Mahayag Beach is situated just eight kilometers north from the capital town of Tandag. Mahayag is a coastline purok of Barangay Buenavista. The beach resort is one end of the cove occupying about a hectare in area. The place is ideal for holding seminars or family reunions. One can idle the time away by boating, fishing or swimming on the man-made pools at the sea. Paved roads makes it easier to travel except for the estimated 200 meters rough road going inside the area. Anyone can stay in at Mahayag beach resort owned by Ambray Family. Air-conditioned and regular rooms are available. There is also a function hall and a video karaoke in the area Continue reading

MacArthur’s Wharf in Buenavista

MacArthur's Wharf GuimarasMacArthur’s Wharf was built by Lieutenant Douglas MacArthur in 1903 while on duty with the US Corps of Engineers. Formerly known as “Buenavista Wharf,” it was near this place where MacArthur fresh from West Point Germany was ambushed by guerillas which barely missed his head and perhaps could have changed the course of history.

The pre-war era saw the developments of Sto. Rosario. A certain engineering brigade of America troops extended hand of channeling roads from Sto. Rosario to sprouting barangays up north-east of Buenavista like Ambulong (Salvacion), Calingao (New Poblacion), and Camp Jossman Headquarter (Supang).

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Padagyao Festival in Buenavista

Guimaras ProvinceThe Padagyao Festival is held annually on May 15 at the Parish of Saint Isidore the Worker, Navalas in Buenavista, Guimaras Province.  According to Eugenio Ealdama, in his Beautiful Customs and Traits of the Panay Visayans, it is a quaint old custom. DAGYAO is kind of voluntary, free and reciprocal group service. Seldom solicited, it is always enthusiastically given. It requires no pecuniary payment, but whoever receives the benefit imposes upon him the obligation to return at some future time. Service in one form or another in the spirit of helpfulness and therefore, does not consider it as giving him a right to demand reciprocal action. Continue reading

Palayag Festival in Buenavista

Palayag Festival BuenavistaThe Palayag Festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January by the municipality of Buenavista. This cultural festival makes maximum use of the rich cultural tradition of the oldest municipality of the province. The presentation of songs, dances and musical tableau depicts the various influences Buenavista has been subjected to. It is celebrated in honor of the town’s Patron Saint Sr Sto. Nino. “Palayag” marked a new footprint during the 2008 Buenavista Centennial Celebration They defined “Palayag” as to sail through “Layag”-using water vessel. This is really indeed a Kinaradto-form of sea travel.

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Tuba Festival in Buenavista

Tuba Festival Buenavista“Tuba” is the native drink obtained from the coconut tree by the “mangangarit”, “tuba” gatherers. The Tuba Festival honors the “mangangarit” and “tuba” drinking, a pastime has been developed in the Brgy. Bagacay, Buenavista. Choreographed street dancing utilizing props of bamboo and coconut materials accompanied by drum and lyre bands.

Hikdop Island in Surigao

Hikdop Island SurigaoThe beautiful, relatively untouched Hikdop Island – think of Boracay 30 years ago, or Siargao 10 years ago, …and you have the unspoilt ‘paradise’ without the tourism. This absolute beachfront parcel of land is located just 20 mins fast boat ride from Surigao City on the Northern tip of the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Hikdop Island is directly northeast of Surigao City and is quite visible from Surigao City.

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The Sabalayan Museum in Buenavista

Sablayan MuseumThe first and only museum in Occidental Mindoro, the Sablayan museum is a showcase of rich historical, cultural and biological wealth of Sablayan. Established in January 16, 2007, its first collection of artifacts were built from community efforts of Sablayenos who donated/lent out personal heirlooms and family collections for public education and appreciation. One of its unique feature is the “nature” section where one can have a simulated experience of Sablayan’s forest and underwater wonders. Continue reading

Cambuhat River & Village in Buenavista

Cambuhat River Village BuenavistaTake the Cambuhat Village Ecotour in Buenavista and observe the local community. The tour starts with a relaxing 30-minute paddled boat ride down the placid Cambuhat River, where you can learn about the values and local management of the rich estuarine and mangrove ecosystem. Mangroves and nipa-plantations abound by the riverside. The boat ride will take you to the oyster culture farms along the tranquil river. Feast on fresh and delectable local cuisine —“slipper oysters” and other seafood. Take a hike to the village and watch how the local craftmakers transform buri palm into raffia cloth, brooms and doormats. Continue reading