BreadTalk Transit in Makati

Breadtalk Transit Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Bread Singapore Pastries Menu Nutrition Location History Calories Store Kitchen Manager Contact Bakery Restaurant Pandesal Rolls Recipe BreadTalk Transit is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, Manila. BreadTalk Transit located in Ayala Triangle Gardens is the 24th Philippines branch of the Singapore-based bakery. BreadTalk opened on October 24, 2012 and is located where Pho 24 used to be. Emphasizing its boutique bakery concept, each BreadTalk store is literally a bread shopping haven where each product tells a story. Be it a chef’s or baker’s own inspiration, the workings of politics or society’s trends, BreadTalk’s ‘Earthquake Cheese’, ‘Mr. Beans’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon’ are just some of the breads that have brought real stories to life. Youthful names and designs, the store’s clean lines, and BreadTalk’s open kitchen all come together for a fun and sophisticated experience. Continue reading

Breadtalk Greenhills Shopping Center

Bread Talk bakery Greenhills Manila

The BreadTalk in Greenhills is located on the ground floor of the Annapolis parking structure building

BreadTalk has a bakery retail store located at the Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan in Manila.

BreadTalk is a Singapore-based chain of bakery outlets which specializes in a wide range of pastries, bread, cakes, and buns. BreadTalk Philippines has taken the its signature breads and lifestyle shopping concept and infused its unique local character into the brand. It has brought to life its own Filipino stories and inspirations in the likes of the ‘Sumo Pandesal’, ‘Cheezymada’, ‘Sisig Bun’, and ‘Cheese Flosss’. Friends and fans in the Philippines have quickly taken to this modern way of retailing bread and constantly await BreadTalk’s new creations. Continue reading

BreadTalk in Baguio

BreadTalk Bakery at SM City BaguioBreadTalk has recently opened up a store inside the SM City Baguio shopping mall. BreadTalk is a Singaporean-based bakery boutique with many existing locations in Metro Manila. Their menu of baked goods include their Originals (Flosss, Hot Chic, Fire Flosss), Nature (Chicken Parmesan, Hawaiian Pizza, Chocolate Cream Cheeze), Bread Couture (3Cs aka the Custard Cream Cheese, Chicken Curry Pizza Baguette, Peach Danish) and a wide assortment of cakes and toast to choose from. Continue reading