The Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park in Botolan

Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park Parel Botolan Zambales Province River Delta Mangrove Forest Ecopark Location Tour Guide Hiking Trail Reserve Wildlife Size History Map Layout Fishing Land Tidal Flat Info The Dawey-Dawey Ecological Park is located in Parel, Botolan in Zambales Province. Dawey-dawey is a river delta that has an old growth mangrove forest. In this eco-park, members of the community provide tours on the river. Part of the experience is to learn the many local fishing practices that may be seen during low tide when people glean and collect food from the river and tidal flat. Continue reading

Ina Poon Bato in Botolan

Ina Poon Bato Botolan Zambales Image Blessed Mother Aeta Apo Apang Worship Image Idol Statue Augustinian Recollects Catholic Pinatubo Wooden Structure History Tradition Buried Volcanic Ash Church Info Ina Poon Bato is regarded as the oldest image of our blessed mother which has brought about a combined undeniable proof that with this image, the Filipino people has powerful and beloved instrument for real peace among all races. Ina Poon Bato is located in Botolan, Zambales. The Aetas refer it as “Apo Apang” and have been worshiping the image of Ina Poon Bato even before the first missionaries from the Augustinian Recollects arrived in the province in 1607. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the village of Poon Bato was devastated and the wooden image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was found buried chest-deep in volcanic ash, but intact and unscathed. Continue reading

The Botolan Wildlife Farm in Zambales

Botolan Wildlife Farm San Juan Botolan Zambales Animal Sanctuary Zoller Family Quarantine Station Size Meters Location Exhibit Collection Restaurant Barbecue Conservation Reserve Entrance Fee Info The Botolan Wildlife Farm is located in San Juan, Botolan, in Zambales Province. It is a family-run wildlife sanctuary, all funded and maintained by the Zoller family. It is also a national quarantine station for animals in the province of Zambales. The farm covers an area of 55,000.00 square meters and is home to a variety of exotic animals and plants from all over the world. The Botolan Wildlife Farm is a great place to discover and appreciate diverse and unusual creatures. Birds include: The Grey Cockatiel, Barhminy Kite, Eastern Grass Owl, Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Cattle Egret, Guinea Fowl, etc. Mammals include: Continue reading

The Sambal Culture

Mango Festival Iba ZambalesThe Sambal occupy the northwestern flank of the Zambales Mountain ranges and the western tip of Pangasinan. The recognized dialect groups are: (1) Botolan, (2) Tina, and (3) Bolinao. The Sambal population in Pangasinan number some 29,795 while in Zambales there are some 89,010 (NSO 1980). Nationally, there are 118,805 (NSO 1980).

From linguistic studies, it appears that the Sambal language is closest to a variety of Tagalog known as “Sinaunang Tagalog” which is spoken in Tanay, Rizal. This has been interpreted to mean that the Sambal-speaking peoples were originally living about the Tanay, Rizal area and started moving northward as the Austronesian Tagalog from Continue reading

Aeta Festival in Botolan

Aeta ZambalesIt is a one-day showcase of the culture and arts of the Aeta/Abelling tribe in the Province. This is also one way of celebrating Indigenous People month at the same time witness the culture of other Aetas from nearby provinces of Bataan, Pampanga, and Tarlac. Highlights are Presentation of Indigenous Song, Playing of Indigenous Musical Instruments, Performing of Ethnic Dances, and Playing of Indigenous Games. The festival will be held at the Botolan Town Plaza being the central town of the Aetas in the Province.

Domorokdok Festival in Botolan

Domorokdok Festival BotolanDomorokdok Festival is a grand celebration that brings all Botoleños together in unity and cooperation, in pursuit of peaceful and progressive Botolan. This is usually done on the 4th day of May which also coincides with the feast of Sta. Monica. This festival showcases the astonishing and exceptional talents of Botoleños through a wide array of events and activities that provide a wholesome entertainment to balikbayans, tourists, friends, and other spectators. This festival brings back the memory and the tradition of merriment that has long been forgotten for so many decades. Continue reading

Kitsie’s Crocodiles Nature Park in Botolan

Kitsies Crocodiles ParkKitsie’s Crocodiles is a Nature Park dedicated to the care of endangered species of animals found in the Philippines, particularly crocodilians. It nurtures and cares for Crocodylus mindorensis, a freshwater Philippine crocodile, and for Crocodylus porosus, a saltwater crocodilian commonly found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, and many countries of Asia. Aside from crocodiles, the Park at the moment also cares for civet cats and reptiles (including pythons, iguanas, and monitor lizards). It also maintains a small aviary that includes lovebirds, parakeets, parrots, pigeons and hawks. All these animals are housed separately in suitable ponds or cages, with efforts to simulate aspects of their habitat that can be replicated in captivity. Continue reading