Divinuvo Island in Eastern Samar

Divinuvo Island Borongan Eastern Samar White Beach Location Kilometer Size Distance Trees Resort Scuba Diving Swimming Snorkeling Tour Boat Guide Population Directions Hotel Transport History Fishing Divinuvo Island is a three-square kilometer island located in Barangay Lalawigan in Borongan, Eastern Samar province. Divinuvo Island has beaches which have crystal-clear water, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, multi-colored fish and corals beneath; best suited for scuba diving and swimming. Continue reading

Hamorawon Spring in Borongan

Hamorawon Spring Borongan Eastern Samar Spanish Stone Park Water Natural Flow Location Pictures Boronganon Temperature TourHamorawon Spring is located in Borongan, Eastern Samar. Surrounded by Spanish built stone, the spring is found at the heart of Borongan and is said to be a miraculous natural spring. Legend has it that whoever takes a bath at this spring, specially foreigners, will leave the town with a Borongan wife. The Hamorawon Park is located at the center of the city proper and can easily be found by the presence of a giant acacia tree beside it. This park contains a stylized version of a concrete giant clamshell which serves as the city’s cultural stage where social presentations are held. Below this giant clamshell flows the Hamorawon natural spring, the only one in the entire province of Eastern Samar. This is a naturally-occurring freshwater spring that flows from the very center of the city towards Continue reading