The Zigzag Road in Quezon

Zigzag Road Atimonan Quezon National Forest Park Location Highway Tourist Length Safety Death Grade Hill Curve Accident Coast Toll History Construction Vehicle Barangay Avenue Layout Map Kilometer The Zigzag Road can be found at the middle of the Quezon National Forest Park and passes through the municipalities of Atimonan, Pagbilao, and Padre Burgos in Quezon Province. Its curves are so tight and the roads are steep that vehicles have to literally inch their way up. Atimonan, Quezon is a coastal municipality located 175 kilometers (107 miles) southeast of Manila. It is traversed by the Maharlika Highway, which extends up to Bicol Region that links the regional and provincial movements to Manila. Continue reading

Bitukang Manok in Pasig

Bitukang Manok in PasigThe waterway of Bitukang Manok is serpentine like and was a principal part of the Pasig River. The Spaniards named the river as “Rio de Pasig,” however, the people continued to refer to it among themselves as Bitukang Manok. The first sketch of Bitukang Manok or Pasig River became known as the Pariancillo River where its bank flourished as the public market up to 1970’s. Likewise, the Bitukang Manok contributed immensely to the economic prosperity of Pasig since time immemorial, by irrigating its rice plains. “Bitukang manok” in the vernacular means the twisting entrails of a chicken, an apt harbinger of a metaphor for the forked road that the 1896 revolution would decide to take after reaching that fateful, entrail-like river in Pasig. The Bitukang Manok links the Pasig River with the Antipolo River. During the 17th up to the early 20th century, Continue reading