Rapang Cliff in Itbayat

Rapang Cliff Itbayat BatanesRapang Cliff, located in Itbayat, Batanes, is a picturesque natural park. It comprises of forest, natural cliffs and rocky hills where natural bonsai arius tree abound and a grazing area for goats. Amidst this natural splendor is a natural stone bell. It is a flat stone which lies naturally upon another stone, which when you strike with another stone, it produces a sound which resembles a bell. Accordingly, it serves as an alarm for the ancient inhabitants when enemies are approaching. It also serves them as a signal for meetings and gathering their goats. Continue reading

Itbayat Island, Batanes

Itbayat Island BatanesItbayat Island is actually a giant uplifted coral reef, and research claims it’s one of the world’s largest. This is why the island doesn’t have a shoreline and the texture of the cliffs does resemble a giant coral. Itbayat Island has the Sarokan Cave, the orchids that abound in the island to discover and the burial caves to see. It is four hours away by Falowa from Basco Seaport. The island is surrounded by massive boulders and cliffs rising from 20-70 meters above sea level. Shaped like a giant bowl; it is the least visited island of the province. It has no beach and no pier. It has a newly improved airstrip and a “regular ferry” Continue reading

Batanes Province

Batanes MapThe island-province of Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines with a land area of 230 square kilometers and was created by a series of volcanic activities and other geologic forces when Mt. Iraya erupted around 325 B.C. It is bounded on the north by the Bashi Channel, on the east by the Pacific Ocean, on the west by the China Sea and on the south by the Balintang Channel. Basco, its capital town is about 280 kilometers north of Aparri, Cagayan or some 860 kilometers north of Manila and about 190 kilometers south of Taiwan. The pre-historic Ivatans who are nationally acclaimed as the “True Insulares” were boat-making and sea-faring people who lived in small tribal Continue reading

Basco in Batan

Basco Lighthouse BatanesBasco is the capital municipality of Batanes. It is located on Batan Island, the second largest island among the Batanes Islands in the northernmost region of the Philippines.

Basco is known for its breathtaking views of the ocean and quaint structures great for photo opportunities. One of its landmarks, the Basco Lighthouse is a 6-story building with a viewing deck overlooking the whole of Batan Island. Another impressive structure is the Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge, once the home of internationally-acclaimed artist Pacita Abad which was refurbished into a deluxe bed & breakfast.

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