Imbuucan Rice

Imbu-an Rice TingluTinawon’, coming from the regional language Ilokano and literally meaning ‘once a year’, is the broad linguistic term and common name used for this medium grain staple rice. The specific variety of this nomination is called ‘Imbuucan’ in the Tawili language of the municipalities of Banaue and Hingyon, Ifugao Province. The municipality of Hingyon and the adjacent valleys that are located in the municipality of Banaue are the main production areas for the exported rice. The municipality of Hingyon was divided off from the municipality of Banaue in 1982, but historically, the people are of the same enthno-linguistic group. Based on morphology, ‘imbuucan’ belongs to the rice genus and species Oryza sativa, subspecies tropical japonica (also known as javanica.) It is a slow growing staple variety that requires a 6-month growth period from transplanting to harvest. It is planted from December through Continue reading

Tappiyah Falls in Banaue

Tappiyah Falls BatadThis is a beautiful cascading waterfall with enormous natural swimming pool. It is 500 meters away from Batad Rice Terraces and around 30 minutes hike from Batad Village. A visit to Batad would be incomplete without taking a dip in this beautiful waterfall. One of the picturesque destinations in Banaue, Ifugao is the majestic Tappiyah Falls. After a taking a trek of about an hour, this 30 meter high waterfall provides a refreshing dip.

Amganad Ifugao

Ifugao PeopleMention the word “Ifugao” and it immediately calls to mind the famous man-made Banaue Rice Terraces in northern Luzon, which has been included as one of the wonders of the world. In fact, the word Ifugao is said to have come from ipugo, which means “from the hill.” The tribes’ main source of living is agriculture because they are surrounded by mountain ranges. Each village is composed of 12 to 30 houses built near rice terraces and other agricultural resources.

Ifugao is one of the places in the Philippines that has not been influenced by the Spaniards; they did enter Ifugao territory but Continue reading

Batad Rice Terraces in Banaue

Batad Rice Terraces BanaueThis stunning amphitheater of rice terraces is located in Barangay Batad, Banaue. It can be reached by an hour ride from Poblacion, Banaue and one hour hike through mountain trails.

In the fastness of the Cordillera mountains, 250-km north of Manila, Ifugao tribespeople have carved a livelihood from bare rock. Over the centuries, generations of Ifugao have laid stone after stone constructing dikes to hold back what little soil washed off the mountainsides creating vertical gardens that rise as “stairways to the heavens.”

Rice terraces are common throughout Asia but nowhere are they as spectacular as in the rugged mountains of northern Luzon. Continue reading