Balintawakan Festival in Pontevedra

Balintawakan Festival Pontevedra Capiz Balintawak Filipina Dress Attire Community Senior Citizens Event Miss Beauty Pageant Date The Balintawakan Festival is held in Pontevedra, Capiz. Balintawak, as it became widely known in the community, derived its name from the Filipina dress or costume the ladies were required to wear that historical night and has become impliedly official attire. The Balintawakan Festival is a simple gathering, participated mostly by senior citizens of Pontevedra who are sentimentally bound together to an unwritten commitment to preserve a simple tradition which began long ago and was only interrupted by WWII. Every December 31, people hold a Binayle at the town’s public market. Its highlight is the search for Miss Balintawakan as the Festival Queen. The event is capped by a Rigodon de Honor. The Filipino costume called Balintaw is the official attire of the womenfolk participating in the affair. Continue reading