The Lon-oy Hydropower Plant in Bakun

Lon-oy Hydroelectric Power Plant Bakun Benguet Power Plant Electricity Unstable Terrain History Facility Construction Electric Hydro Damage Repair Lonoy River Water Harness Household Terrain Location The Lon-oy Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. The Lon-oy power plant has been rebuilt three times in its 20-year history. It was damaged by landslides brought about by a typhoons in 1997, in 2008, and again in the year 2000. The ongoing damage is attributable to the unstable terrain on which the plant is located on. This does not deter Hedcor from rebuilding and responsibly delivering 12 million kWh for NPC and BENECO. The plant employs four employees to maintain and operate it. Continue reading

Mount Gedgedayan in Bakun

Mount Gedgedayan Bakun Benguet Crying Mountain Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Cave Camping History Facade Mount Gedgedayan is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Nicknamed the Crying Mountain, Mount Gedgedayan offers a panoramic view of Mount Kabunian including other picturesque mountains of the municipality. This mountain is remarkable because of its multi-faceted structure and sleeping beuty shape formations. The rocky façade of Mount Gedgedayan resembles the carved faces of Mount Rushmore in the United States. This mountain is also a perfect venue for sightseeing and camping. Due to its undisturbed nature, it has became a dwelling place for several species of wild animals. Mount Gedgedayan is a potential natural attraction found in Bakun. Continue reading

The Bagew Swimming Pool in Bakun

Bagew Swimming Pool Bakun Benguet Location River Naturally Formed Attraction Mount Gedgedayan Picnic Side Spring Water Depth Hours Operation Contact Telephone Manager Size Temperature Sulfur Bathing The Bagew Swimming Pool is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. The Bagew Swimming Pool is a naturally formed swimming pool located along the Bagew River. This is another attraction when visiting Mount Gedgedayan. It is a favorite picnic side of local tourist and the surrounding community. The natural pool is accessible being only 15-20 minutes hike from Poblacion. The Bagew Swimming Pool is a natural attraction found in Poblacion. Continue reading

The Bakun Hydroplant in Alilem

Bakun Ac Hydro Power Plant Alilem Ilocos Sur Location Hydroplant Electricity River Size Facility Construction Hydroelectric National Power Corporation Manager Contact North Luzon Building Water Info The Bakun AC Hydro Power Plant is located in Alilem in Ilocos Sur Province. The Bakun AC Hydro has been producing 70 MW of clean and renewable energy for Northern Luzon since 2001. It taps the power of the Bakun River through its weir – the point where part of the river water is diverted – in Bakun, Benguet. Developed under a build-operate-transfer scheme, the hydroelectric plant will be handed over to the National Power Corporation in working condition, free of charge after 25 years. During the construction of the plant, about 16 kilometers of access roads were developed and are now used as farm-to-market roads. This includes the 292-meter “Friendship Bridge” Continue reading

The Tres Marias Waterfalls in Bakun

Tres Marias Falls Sinacbat Bakun Benguet Location Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Guide History The Tres Marias Waterfalls are located in Sinacbat, Bakun in Benguet Province. Also known as the Dalingaoan Falls, the Tres Marias Falls is unique because it is a three-layered waterfall and cascades down the mountainside. To get to the Tres Marias Waterfalls, from Sinacbat Proper going to the place is about five kilometers, or a 1-2 hour hike. Continue reading

Mount Tenglawan in Bakun, Benguet

Mount Tenglawan Sinacbat Bakun Benguet Location Mountain Trio Hiking Trail Carrot Rock Difficulty Camping Tour Guide Rainforest Pine Mossy Forest Summit Elevation Base Camp Barangay Distance Meters Mount Tenglawan is located in Sinacbat, Bakun in Benguet Province. It is one of the mountains in the so-called Bakun Trio (the other two mountains are Mount Kabunian and Mount Lobo). Mount Tenglawan features the Carrot Rock, which is similar to the Pico de Loro in Cavite. Mt Tenglawan’s trail is a combination of the talahib trails in Batulao, the rainforest of Mount Makiling, the pine trails of Akiki and the mossy forest of Mount Napulauan. Mount Tenglawan’s facade from the base of the mountain provides adventure to experienced mountain climber. Tenglawan is considered the most difficult of the three mountains of the Bakun Trio to hike. No amenities are available along the trail but the barangay’s hospitality is remarkable. Continue reading

The Labay River in Benguet

Labay River Bakun Benguet Province Tributary Water Location Swimming Picnic Current Power Labay Hydropower Plant Electric Ampusungan Municipal Hall Banks Depth Width Boat Fishing History Description Labay River is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Labay River is a tributary of the Bakun river, and is suitable for swimming and picnicking. The moving currents of the Labay River generates power at the Labay Hydropower Plant in Ampusungan, Bakun. It only takes a few minutes hike from the Bakun Municipal Hall to reach the banks of the Labay River. Continue reading

The Vegetable Terraces in Benguet

Vegetable Terraces Bakun Benguet Location Halsema Highway Farm Province Barangay Salad Bowl Crop Season Production Upland Mountain Rice Anawa Cabutotan Sipitan Maliliko Mushroom Industry Harvest Info Vegetable Terraces can be seen from the Halsema Highway in Bakun, Benguet. The highland province of Benguet is known as the ‘Salad Bowl of the Philippines” because of hits huge production of upland vegetables. The vegetable terraces, which resemble rice terraces, are a made-made attraction of the municipality of Bakun. The vegetable terraces of Anawa and Cabutotan can be seen from Sipitan to Maliliko. Bakun is known for its mushroom cultivation industry. Continue reading

The Ampusongan River in Benguet

Ampusongan River Bakun Benguet Cleanest Body Water Province Swimming Picnic Luzon Hydro Plant Location History Length Depth Fishing Bathing Description Hiking Trail Discovery Trade Tribe Mountain Rain The Ampusongan River is located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Ampusongan River was was once recognized as the cleanest body of water in the province. It is suitable for swimming and picnicking. It serves as one of the water source of the Luzon Hydro-plant located at Poblacion, Bakun. Bakun is located 86 kilometers away from Baguio City and 336 kilometers away from Manila. Continue reading

The Picao and Sacop Falls in Benguet

Picao Falls Sacop Waterfalls Bakun Benguet Location Barangay Mount Gedgedayan Location Sao Dada Distance Length River Kilometers Baguio City Mountain Rain Water Swimming Camping Hiking Trail Tour Info The Picao Waterfalls and the Sacop Waterfalls are both located in Bakun in Benguet Province. Both waterfalls can be viewed from Mount Gedgedayan. Picao falls is located at sitio Sao while the Sacop Falls is located in sitio Dada. Bakun is located 86 kilometers (53 miles) from Baguio City and 336 kilometers (209 miles) from Manila. Continue reading