Bahay Paniki Cave in San Miguel Bulacan

Bahay Paniki Cave San Miguel Bulacan House Bats Aguinaldo Tour Size Entrance Location Depth Boulders RocksThe Bahay Paniki Cave is located in San Miguel, Bulacan Province. Bahay Paniki, which literally means House of Bats, is located 300 meters south of the Aguinaldo Cave is a bit risky to penetrate, considering the tons of debris filed by torrential flood-water (more conducive to cold-blooded snakes and poisonous scorpions). Beneath the gigantic portal, which stretches to about 30 meters up forming a large dome, are big boulders the size of a two-storey building and the way up the narrow and brittle natural bridges that lead to the inside is truly very dangerous. The cave is home to millions of bats. Disturbing the bats with flashlights or camera flashes is not permitted. Tourists are treated to a rare and astounding display of natural beauty as the mammals fly overhead and out of the cave – aligned in two fronts and to converge some 200 meters into the sky on a single Continue reading