The Baguio Tourism Complex

Baguio Tourism Complex Department Building Governor Pack Road Address Kilometer Session Road Office Hours Visit Map Guide Contact Telephone Number Sunshine Park Information Help Desk Brochure Advice The Baguio Tourism Complex is located in Baguio City in Benguet Province. The Baguio Tourism Complex is located in the Department of Tourism Complex located on Governor Pack Road, a ten minute walk away from Session Road. The office has maps of Baguio and should be able to give you general advice with regards to transport, accommodation and attractions. The office is open daily from 09:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 19:00. Phone: +63 74 442 6708. The Baguio Tourism Complex is near Sunshine Park. Continue reading

Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden Baguio City Centennial Park Igorot Village Native Huts Landscape History Location Japanese Tunnel Flower Walkway Path Leonard Wood Road Teachers Camp Pacdal Circle Culture The Baguio Botanical Garden is located in Baguio City, just east of Baguio‘s downtown area. The Baguio Botanical Garden, which is also called the Igorot village, features native huts typical of the Cordillera architecture. This village within a village captures the ethnic spirit and cultural legacy of the Igorot dweller. The landscape and the design of the park showcases different cultures namely; Japanese, Chinese, Igorot and American. The garden is also a site of cultural presentations and other tribal meetings. Baguio Botanical Garden is a recommended to tourists who want to learn the culture and history of Baguio. The park features a portion of Baguio’s history starting from the pre-American colonization, the American arrival, the Japanese era (during the 2nd World War) and the rise of the city after its destruction. Continue reading

The Baguio Convention Center

Baguio Convention Center Location History Construction Building Meeting Venue Conference Social Function Mountain Province Museum Foundation Facility Rental Hall Capacity Attendance Entrance Hours The Baguio Convention Center is located across the University of the Philippines campus in Baguio City. The Baguio Convention Center initially gained prominence when it became the site of the 1978 internationally renowned chess championship series between Anatoly Karpov and Victor Korchnoi. The Baguio Convention Center was conceived by then First Lady and Minister of Human Settlements and Ecology, Mrs. Imelda Romualdez–Marcos and realized with the aid of then President Ferdinand E. Marcos through GSIS. The 5,000 square meter facility sits on a 4.86 hectares estate right in the center of a growing metropolis, was formally opened on July 17, 1978. As a convention facility, the BCC was venue to big congress such as the Philippine Advertising Congress, National Congress for Municipal Judges, National Accountants Congress, among others. Continue reading

Teachers Camp in Baguio City

Teachers Camp Baguio City Leonard Wood Road Vacation Normal School History Governor William Pack Mountain Meeting Venue Rental Price Contact Manager Building Facilities Size Conference Meeting Seminar Teacher’s Camp is located along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City, Benguet. It was through the vacation normal school, which began in 1908 teachers from all over, the islands were able to have a respite and some time for studies. In a letter to the Secretary of Public Instruction, Governor William Pack outlined his plan to set up a camp in Baguio where teachers can be accommodated. The plan was approved on January 8, 1908 and the camp was opened on April 6, 1908. For a start, four assembly tents were put up for kitchen, dining and storage purposes and two other large tents were set aside for class purposes. Later on, the “KURSAAK” was constructed in 1909 as a permanent structure and took over the functions of the mess tent, aside from being the social center for assemblies. The next year, other buildings were added, the road Continue reading

The Philippine Military Academy in Baguio

Philippine Military Academy Baguio City Location Fort Gregorio Pilar Loakan Road Armed Forces History American Construction Barracks Training Soldiers Army Officers Map Layout Site Pma Cadet Info The Philippine Military Academy is located at Fort Gregorio del Pilar on Loakan Road in Baguio City. For the past 100 years, the officers training school of the Armed Forces in the Philippines has made Baguio City its home. The Philippine Commission promulgated Act No. 175, which became the basis for the creation of the Philippine Constabulary in August 8, 1905. The school for the officers of the constabulary was first located in Sta. Lucia Barracks in Manila. Later in 1908, it was relocated in Baguio on the site known as Constabulary Hill later renamed Camp Henry T. Allen, in honor of the first chief of the Philippine Constabulary. With the passage of the Jones Law, the school was later changed to “Academy for Officers of the Philippine Constabulary” with a two-year curriculum. In 1908, the course was raised to collegiate Continue reading

Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City

Diplomat Hotel Dominican Hill Baguio City Location History Construction Dominican Order Property Collegio Santissimo Rosario Renovation Map Ghost Hunting Size Structure Landmark Religious Resort The Diplomat Hotel is an abandoned hotel located on Dominican Hill in Baguio City. Today it is used as a place for photography and for ghost hunting investigations. The history of this building dates back to May 1911, when the councils of the Province of the Dominican Order voted to construct a vacation house in Baguio on a 17-hectare property they had acquired when the American authorities were encouraging people to come here. Actual work started in 1913 under Fr. Roque Ruano and the building was inaugurated on May 23, 1925. To take advantage of the tax exemptions a school called Collegio del Santissimo Rosario was opened in June 1915 but due to the very small enrollment the school closed in 1917, reverting the building to the original vacation house. During WWII refugees first occupied it. Continue reading

Colorado Falls in Tuba Benguet

Colorado Falls Tuba Benguet Twin Peaks Kennon Road Camp Six Baguio Waterfalls Stream Swimming Picnic LocationThe Colorado Falls is located in Tuba, Benguet. These falls are an emerging natural attraction found in barangay Twin Peaks. Located a short distance off Kennon Road in an area called Camp 6, these falls have been the favorite watering hole of Baguio residents for some time. Three giant falls drop into a natural pool almost ten feet at its deepest. This is a popular place for picnics and frequented by tourists. Driving along Kennon Road and into the Benguet Gate, Colorado Falls is just at the side road that not a lot of people notice. There’s a narrow, low-ceiling walkway getting to the falls. The basin, at its deepest, is about 10 feet and is suitable for swimming. Continue reading

Easter Weaving Room in Baguio

Easter Weaving Room BaguioAnyone who wants to see the meticulous process of traditional cloth weaving practiced for ages by Cordillera women can go to Easter Weaving Room in Baguio City. The weaving room is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Saturday. “Many companies do not allow their customers to enter the work area. But not the Easter Weaving Room. We are proud to show the world how our native weavers produce export-quality materials. Cordillera women have a natural talent for weaving,” says Virginia Doligas, who manages EWRI. People who are fond of handwoven products and native fabrics will be mesmerized by the colorful indigenous clothes, shoes and bags hand-loomed by expert weavers from Benguet, Apayao, Mt. Province and Apayao. Doligas says that they provide livelihood for young mothers by training Continue reading

Bamboo Museum in Baguio

Baguio Haunted HouseThe Bamboo Museum in Baguio has been known as the “Haunted House”. Located on Leonard Wood Road, there are two major attractions at the Bamboo Museum which opened to the public: the exhibit and the legendary White House.The Philippine Bamboo Foundation Inc. in partnership with the Tan Yan Kee Foundation of the Lucio Tan group of companies and the City Government of Baguio has transformed the city’s White House from a haunted house to a house of art featuring Ifugao bamboo carvings, artworks and other wood products. The White House is located along the Leonard Wood Road, which is owned by the Tan Yan Kee Foundation. Continue reading

Kennon Road in Baguio

Kennon Road BaguioA road trip worth doing is the drive along Kennon road, a beautiful road that connects Baguio with the lowlands. The road is named after Colonel Lyman Kennon, who with the help of local laborers was responsible for building the Benguet road. The road was seriously damaged in the 1990 earthquake, but has since been re-opened. The beautiful Bridal Veil Falls are an excellent stopping off point, and the local legend says that the water here has healing properties. Kennon road is 32 kilometers of first class road starting from the La UnionBenguet boundary. Otherwise known as the Zigzag Road, it is a breathtaking and Continue reading