The Hematite Hand Prints in Lamanok

Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints Lamanok Point Badiang Anda Bohol Petrographs History Description Stone Color Shape Size Tour Guide Age Paleolithic Stone Age Petroglyth Abstract Blood Island Discovery Lamanok Cave in Anda, Bohol is home to the petrographs discovered on its walls. The Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints are located at Lamanok Point, Badiang in Anda, Bohol Province. The rock painting is located in an isolated place and inaccessible except by boat or on foot. The rock hand prints is an evidence of civilization during the Paleolithic or Stone Age era.  The rock painting of Anda is different from the petrographs found in other countries because there were no images of bison, horses and cattle. The “art” found is abstract in nature and made with such such detail and subtle shading that they seem to confer a kind of power and dignity giving a pictorial narration by the ancient Boholanos. Continue reading

Lanuza Surfing Grounds

Lanuza Surfing GroundsWithin the municipal premises, specifically at Doot Poktoy, Zone I Lanuza and also in Punta and Sitio Badiang, the Lanuza surfing grounds definitely possess world class waves comparable to that of Cloud 9 in Siargao. These beach and reef breaks become famous among tourists particularly surfers for its eye-catching and roaring waves. A must see spot for all surfers both local and foreign who are enjoined to compete in the Lanuza Surfing Festival held during the highest eve of tide usually in the third week of November. Continue reading