Kawasan Falls in Badian

Kawasan Falls Badian CebuKawasan Falls is located 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City and consists of three waterfalls, all of which are from pristine spring waters. This natural wonder in Badian, Cebu, accessible by a three-hours ride by bus. From the entrance, an uphill walk of about 1.5 kilometers is needed to get to the first waterfall, which is the largest and most crowded of the three waterfalls. Along the trek are several shops selling different sorts of accessories and souvenir items. To get to the second waterfall, another uphill trek of about fifteen minutes is needed. The same goes true for the third waterfall. Cottages are available for rent and can be had for an overnight stay. Rafts and life vest can also be had for a rental fee. Flashlights are recommended for Kawasan visitors as the pathway back is very dark after sunsets. Extra precaution, too, is needed when going Continue reading

Badian Island Resort & Spa Cebu

Badian Island Hotel CebuThe Badian Island Resort & Spa is the only resort situated in a small island at the Southwest Coast of Cebu very near the mainland. The pursuit for Health and Well-being and the quest for Harmony back to nature is our main concept. Located in a 8 hectare Natural Parks with white sand beach. Reveling in the picturesque scenery of Badian Bay and the astonishing mounds of Cebu Mountains, there is a sublime feeling of infinity that makes you one with the mystical sea. Its pollution-free environment makes it possible to watch the stars at clear night skies. Being away from the crowded city, you can just sit down and breathe fresh clean air, watch the last few rays of the setting sun and stroll in a starry, moonlit night. Continue reading