Lake Bababu on Basilisa Island

Lake Bababu Basilisa Dinagat Agusan Del Norte Island Province Puerto Princesa Melgar Cebuano Baba Buwaya Crocodile Mouth Cove Inlet Beach Trail Hiking Granite Wall Underwater Cave Entrance Water Boat Lake Bababu is located on Basilisa Island, Dinagat in Agusan del Norte Province. Lake Babu is situated between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basilisa. Lake Bababu’s name was derived from the Cebuano words ‘baba sa buwaya,’ or crocodile’s mouth, referring to the shape of the Babas Cove, the inlet that funnels to a small white-sand beach where the lake trail begins. This mountain lake is a sight to behold, the steep descent (and ascent) add thrill to an avid adventurer. Surrounded by huge wall of granite, small underwater caves are in great abundance in the region of Lake Babu. Lush vegetation dominates the virginal periphery. Lake Bababu has an underwater channel connected to the sea, thereby feeding the lake with saltwater from below while fresh water at the top remains uninterrupted. Continue reading