Poco Deli in Makati

Poco Deli Deli Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Kapitolyo Pasig Location Menu Dining Food Restaurant Address Manager Contact Telephone Calories Nutrition Bacon Slab Meatloaf Dinner The Poco Deli is located in the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, Manila. A favorite along the strip of dining establishments in Brgy Kapitolyo in Pasig, aficionados of Poco Deli rejoiced upon the launching of a branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Having the same ambiance with wooden tables and benches, Poco Deli remains the go-to restaurant for sausages, cake, and comfort food. The bestsellers are the scrumptious Bacon Slab- which has thick slabs of bacon over bacon rice and two fried eggs, the Irish beef stew- which has beef that is marinated in dark beer to bring out the unique fllavor. The Homemade German Meatloaf and Gourmet Tapa are also dished up with eggs and bacon rice. The meals go well with the Citrus Delight- a rejuvenating and sparkling beverage with four different types of fruits Continue reading

The Kanin Club in Makati

Kanin Club Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Restaurant Filipino Menu Cuisine Calories Crispy Liempo Seafood Dinner Lunch Suman Mango Nutrition Contact Location Telephone Manager Dining Price Info The Kanin Club Restaurant is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, Manila. Designed with Filipino interior, a collection of Philippine paintings and art surround Kanin Club to make it homey while visitors enjoy sumptuous food. Specialties in the restaurant are Crispy Liempo, Seafood Kare-Kare, Crispy Pork Binagoongan, Crispy Pata, Lemon Chicken, Bistek Pinoy, Adobo Combo, Calderetang Nueva and their take on the Crispy Dinuguan. Kanin Club is not just for kanin lovers but also for people who are looking for Filipino comfort food. Filipino desserts such as Suman and Mango and Turon KC Ala Monde also make good choices to cap off the meal. The restaurant also offers all-you-can-eat rice, and when served with their delectable dishes, who can resist? The Kanin Club is open daily from 11:00am in the morning until 10:00pm Continue reading

Cara Mia Gelateria in Makati

Cara Mia Gelateria Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Amici Italian Gelato Restaurant Cakes Pastries Bakery Mango Symphony Coffee Menu Calories Nutrition Manager Contact Telephone Location Hours Cara Mia Gelateria in Makati is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. Sweet tooth or not, you will surely love Cara mia which is an extension of Amici that serves homemade Italian gelato. This dessert place in Ayala Triangle has gelato cakes and pastries too. The Mango Symphony, which is less than a hundred bucks, consists of mango gelato, mango bits and graham crackers. You can taste gelato flavors like pistachio, sans rival, espresso, and the traditional ube, macapuno and vanilla flavors. They also have the twin chocolate mousse and the brazo de mercedes. Coffee and tea drinkers have choices among the affogatos which are scoops of gelato with a shot of espresso coffee. Brewed coffee, cappuccino, and the caffe latte can also be paired with pastries like the ensaimada and the raisin bread. Continue reading

Chef Laudico’s Bfast in Makati

Chef Laudicos Bfast restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila lunch menu dinner hours schedule dining longanisa calories sisig daing bangus food telephone contact manager delivery breakfast info Chef Laudico’s Bfast restaurant is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, Manila. Chef Laudico’s BFast serves simple yet filling meals such as the Bfast Longanisa, Bfast Sisig, and Daing Bangus which all go well with garlic rice. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the restaurant proves that there is no reason for you to skip breakfast with tasty food selections like Tapangus (oven-dried angus tapa) over sinangag and egg, or Bfast Pasta with Bacon and Egg. Best of all, the “silog” and “kalog” meals are available all day. The silogs are served with bfast garlic rice, tomato salsa, atchara, egg and house toppings. The kalogs, on the other hand, consist of sweet potato and caramelized onion hash with bfast cheese sauce, egg and house toppings. To perk customers up, Bfast also serves Americano, Continue reading

The Coffee Bean at Ayala Triangle Gardens

Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Restaurant Breakfast Menu Nutrition Calories Salmon Scramble Latte Iced Shop Yogurt Frozen Location Telephone Contact Hours Manager Store The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati City, Manila. Serving more than just coffee and tea, there are actually other scrumptious meals in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf menu. Their breakfast sets such as the Eggs Benedict and the Salmon Scramble are great ways to gear up for a busy day at work. Tea favorites include the chai tea latte and the vanilla Ceylon iced tea. The inviting ambiance of the coffee shop is also ideal for meetups while sipping their beverages and enjoying their snacks. One of the newest additions to their menu are the frozen swirls. The caramel affogato has the right mix of coffee and creamy yogurt. But if you want to try the hazelnut flavor which is not on their menu, all you have to say to the barista is “An Awesome please.” Continue reading

Wee Nam Kee Restaurant in Makati

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Chinse Food Singapore Dining Menu Oriental Singaporean Dimsum Soup Price Calories Nutrition Location Hours Info The Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice restaurant in Makati is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Manila. Avid fans of authentic Hainanese chicken rice can now get their Singapore chicken rice from the newly-opened Wee Nam Kee at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. The restaurant is designed with wooden tables and chairs for casual dining. Specialties of the house are steam or roasted Wee Nam Kee chicken rice. Dipping sauces of soy, chili and ginger on the side completes the delicious rice meal. Another popular item in the menu are the cereal fried prawns- a signature Singaporean dish. Aside from the soup, dimsum and rice toppings, they also serve crunchy and leafy vegetables like the Sambal Kang Kong. The dish is sauteed in onions and chili to make it flavorful and spicy. Wee Nam Kee meals are best Continue reading

Omakase Restaurant in Makati

Omakase Japanese Cuisine Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Restaurant Japan Sushi Menu Sashimi Tempura Nutrition Tofu Steak Tuna Salad Calories Location Hours Dinner Manager Contact Delivery Omakase Japanese Cuisine at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati, Manila. With the number of Japanese restaurants opening everywhere, it’s quite a challenge to make one stand out. Omakase seemed to have surpassed this stage because a lot of people have already been raving about the place since it opened in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Serving Authentic Japanese staple food such as the sushi, sashimi, and tempura are the usual favorites, but among the bestselling dishes in the joint are their take on the tofu steak, spicy tuna salad, seafood crepe salad and designer sushi plus a whole lot more. Another cool fact is that the term “omakase” roughly translates to “entrust” which means you have to trust the chef to serve the sumptuous food he wants. True enough, the resto does this for the guests. Continue reading

MoMo Cafe in Makati

Momo Cafe Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Coffee Shop Restaurant French Toast Bacon Pizza Pasta Salad Menu Nutrition Calories Location Hours Manager Contact Yogurt Sandwich Food Lunch The MoMo Cafe at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in Makati, Manila. This establishment at the Ayala Triangle Gardens is a hit with the yuppies because of the hip interiors. MoMo Cafe is not your ordinary coffee shop,because it stays true to its motto: “More Food, More Drink.” For a hearty breakfast, why not try The “Bestest” French Toast in Town? What sets this French toast apart is the layered Nutella with slices of banana topped with whip cream. Wait, there’s more. The bacon strips on top gives you the right mix of sweet and salty, but if you want more flavor, you can always add syrup on top. If you’re visiting the place for lunch or dinner, they also serve thin crust pizzas, pasta, salads, homemade soup, and hot sandwiches. The beverage lineup include signature smoothies and frappes with interesting flavors such as Continue reading

BreadTalk Transit in Makati

Breadtalk Transit Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati City Manila Bread Singapore Pastries Menu Nutrition Location History Calories Store Kitchen Manager Contact Bakery Restaurant Pandesal Rolls Recipe BreadTalk Transit is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, Manila. BreadTalk Transit located in Ayala Triangle Gardens is the 24th Philippines branch of the Singapore-based bakery. BreadTalk opened on October 24, 2012 and is located where Pho 24 used to be. Emphasizing its boutique bakery concept, each BreadTalk store is literally a bread shopping haven where each product tells a story. Be it a chef’s or baker’s own inspiration, the workings of politics or society’s trends, BreadTalk’s ‘Earthquake Cheese’, ‘Mr. Beans’, ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon’ are just some of the breads that have brought real stories to life. Youthful names and designs, the store’s clean lines, and BreadTalk’s open kitchen all come together for a fun and sophisticated experience. Continue reading

CBD Restaurant at the Ayala Triangle Gardens

CBD Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Cheesteaks Burgers Drinks Tender Bobs Steak Joint Menu Avenue Calories Nutrition Hours Opening Closing Contact Telephone Food Manager Hamburger The CBD Restaurant is located at the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati, metro Manila. CBD is an acronym for Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks. The newly-opened restaurant is owned by the same owners of Tender Bob’s. C.B.D. is a steak and burger joint promises sumptuous food and a good hangout place for family and friends. Situated at Ayala Triangle Gardens, this is the perfect way to enjoy the greenery and the food. CBD is open seven days a week, from 11:00am until 10:00pm. Their contact telephone number is (02) 482-6228 Continue reading