The Tahiti Festival in Magpet

Tahiti Festival Magpet Cotabato Grass Manobo Celebration August Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location History Fiesta Origins Pageant Lineup Parade Costumes Props Miss Photos Broom The Tahiti Festival is held annually in Magpet in Cotabato Province. The Tahiti Festival is an annual celebration of the vast production of soft brooms and handicrafts making use of tahitl grass which become the main product of the Manobos in the Municipality of Magpet. The Tahiti Festival is usually held in August of each year. Continue reading

The Tilaw Food Festival in Surigao City

Tilaw Food Festival Surigao City culinary taste cooking competiion celebration schedule calendar date theme events meaning location history fiesta origins pageant lineup parade costumes props photos The Tilaw Food Festival is held annually in Surigao City. The Tilaw Food Festival showcases the Surigaonon culinary heritage through food fairs and competitions designed to upgrade the city’s food and beverage industry. Tilaw means taste. One of the most-awaited activities of this gastronomic affair is the Cooking Contest which brings together the best of the bests cooks of the region to create new dishes or versions of their native specialties. The City Government through their Tourism Office encourages Surigaonons to discover new cuisines that they can call their own. Some of the latest brands they have are the Pan de Nicolas (biscuit similar to otap or browas) and “STK” (sugba-tula-kilaw) or grill-soup-sushi. Students also have opportunities to show their skills and talents on different competitions on bartending and cocktail, table-setting, skirting and Continue reading

The Longganisa Festival in Guinobatan

Longganisa Festival Guinobatan Calendar Date Schedule August Bicol Culinary Product Celebration Fiesta Mass Church Motorcade Parade Music Sports Food Tournament Drum Competition Street Dance Concert Guinobatan hosts an annual festival in the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption, its patron saint. Until 2013, the town festival was called “Arandurugan Festival.” Held annually in August, Guinobatan now celebrates the Longganisa Festival, named after the local product listed under the Department of Trade and Industry’s “One Town, One Product” program. The aim of the Guinobatan Longganisa Festival is to promote Longganisa de Guinobatan as one of Bicol’s culinary delicacies. The annual celebration starts with a mass at the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Guinobatan, followed by a motorcade. In the past, activities including music, food, sports tournaments, drum and lyre competitions, street dances, concerts highlight the festival. Also the longganisa culinarian is showcased to show the region’s Continue reading

Sumayajaw Festival in Jabonga

Sumayajaw Festival Jabonga Agusan Del Norte August Feast Lady Assumption Thanksgiving Celebration Date History Costumes Origins The Sumayajaw Festival is held annually in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte province. Jabonganons living in other places will really come home to Jabonga to witness the Sumayajaw Festival. The festival is celebrated every 15th of August, the fall of the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption. This is a thanksgiving offering through songs, dances and “Luwa” (lyrical poem) for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of Our Lady of Assumption – the Patroness of Jabonga. Sumayajaw dates back as far as one can remember. But the staging of Sumayajaw as a festival began in 2002 with Rev. Fr. Almado C. Ecarma, the Parish Priest, at the helm believing that Sumayajaw would not only unite the Jabonganons but would also bond with the visitors as they gather at the Town Square. Continue reading

Lubi-Lubi Festival in Calubian

Lubi-Lubi Festival LeyteLubi-lubi festival is considered a trademark festival for the town of Calubian. It is also considered one among the important activities during the annual fiesta celebration of the town. Dancers are usually being decorated with different parts of coconut tree such as cocoshell crafts, cocoleaves, midribs and others. Just when you thought no festival occurs to celebrate “coconut” the tree of life, there is actually one celebrated by residents of Calubian, Leyte. Dances paying homage to the patron saints of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of San Roque, are showcased during this event. The dance festival exhibits the use of different materials derived from coconut from which the place is Continue reading

Arandurugan Festival in Guinobatan

Arandurugan Festival AlbayThe Arandurugan Festival is held every August in Guinobatan, Albay Province. Arandurugan festival which means “tarabangan or pagtutulungan” is the celebration of the cooperation, unity, association, collaboration and the harmonious co-action of the people in the municipality. This is also the feast celebration of Our Lady of the Assumption- the Patroness Saint. It was indeed a double celebration for the Guionobatenos. This is a way to give thanks for the bountiful lands and for the continuous blessings being showered to the people of Guinobatan. Continue reading

Pavvu-Rulun Festival in Tuguegarao

Pavvu-Rulun Festival CagayanThe Pavvu-Rulun Festival is held every August in Tuguegarao, Cagayan Province. The Ibanag culture and tradition is showcased during this festival. Pavvurulun is an Ibanag word which means get-together. It gathers Tuguegaraoenos to a weeklong festivities culminating with a mass and procession of the patron saint on August 16. This festival honors St. Hyacinth, which is being venerated at the Ermita de San Jacinto. Pav-vurulun which means comng together allows all members of the community to join in the celebrations from the well applauded street dancing competitions, drum, bugle and lyre competitions, beauty pagent, agri-trade fairs and job fairs, among many others. The highlight of the event is the outdoor Continue reading

Dinagat Festival in Cordova

Bakasi Festival Cordova CebuThe Dinagat Festival, formerly known as the Bakasi Festival, is held annually in August in Cordova, Cebu. During this celebration, Cordovanhons honor Sr. San Roque, the municipality Patron Saint. This festival is held in honor of the sea, Dinagat defined as pertaining to the sea. This festival is the time of the year when the townsfolk show their gratitude for bountiful harvest they have received from the sea. This is because the main livelihood of Cordova has always been, then and now, fishing. The festival was lunched in 2009. In the festival, the dance of the participants depict the gliding movement of the Bakasi. Other attractions of the event also include the Bakasi race as well as a cooking contest to showcase the many ways of cooking and Continue reading

Palagsing Festival in Butuan

PalagsingThe Palagsing Festival is held every August in Butuan City. The festival features a competition for the longest and the best tasting palagsing. Each province in the Philippines has a different type of kakanin ( snack made Out of rice, starch) which we definitely proud of Like Sapin-Sapin, which is found in Nueva Ecija. Sapin-Sapin is an attractive snack since it has different colors which is appealing to the eyes like violet, yellow, white. It has also sprinkled with Latik ( grilled coconut) then there’s a kakanin known as palitaw, which is found in Pampanga, palitaw is a kaKanin that floats when it is cooked. One of the kakainins that could definitely fill our stomach is the palagsing, palagsing is a type of suman which is colored brown and wrapped in banana leaves, it is found in butuan city Continue reading

Mercedes Fishtival in Camarines Norte

Kadagatan Festival Camarines NorteThe Mercedes Fishtival is held every August in Mercedes, Camarines Norte. This festival is a fishermen’s celebration of thanksgiving for the blessings and bounty during the seafaring, fishing expedition and fish farming endeavors. The fishtival is also a moment of retrospect and recognition of Mother Nature for having endowed Mercedes with a gift of vast fishery resources, magnificent shorelines and other aquatic potentials and the wise utilization and preservation of ecological balance for the attainment of environmental dignity and beauty. Locals pay tribute to Mother Nature for the blessings she has given with a Continue reading