Guimaras Mango Festival

Guimaras Mango Festival Manggahan sa Guimaras FestivalThe Guimaras Mango Festival, also known as Manggahan sa Guimaras Festival, is an identity festival of the province of Guimaras. Held every April 16-20 for the sustained promotion of the local mango industry, various activities are being showcased depicting the cultural and historical heritage, livelihood myth and legendary stories portrayed in a cultural showcase, street dancing and SINADYA (merrymaking). Spread over a weeklong schedule, promoting its products, services and milestones in an agri-trade fair/exhibits, food festival, special events, nightly shows and entertainments and Search for Mutya NG Guimaras. Manggahan culminates in a grand showcase of cultural festivals in a bid to show the world that there is more to Guimaras than its sweet, fiber and pest-free mangoes.

Dikit Festival in Aurora

Dikit Festival AuroraKnown for being an agricultural municipality, the Municipality of Aurora in Isabela Province annually celebrates its Dikit Festival every 28th to 30th of April. Dikit is an Ilokano term meaning glutinous rice. The festival is celebrated to showcase this mouth-watering delicacy and its by-products which are bibingka, muriecos, inangit, tupig, kalamay and tinudok, among others. Farmers in Aurora plant this glutinous rice served to guests during special occasions.

P’gsalabuk Festival in Dipolog

P'gsalabuk Festival DipologP’gsalabuk is a Subano term that means “togetherness”. In the festival, the City Government of Dipolog aims to showcase the myriad interplay of culture: Muslim, Lumad and the varied and diverse culture of the settlers from all over the Philippines as well as the Spanish, Chinese, American and other Asian culture that have been so meticulously woven and shaped into what is known as the unique Mindanao Tri-people Culture The festival will feature street dancing in the main avenue of Dipolog City. This will then culminate in a cultural presentation depicting dances involving the different types if people in Mindanao. The concept is UNITY IN DIVERSITY AMONG THE TRI-PEOPLE because as the objectives state, it aims to promote peace and Continue reading

Canoan Festival in Larena

Canoan Festival SiquijorThe Canoan Festival is held on the last week of April in Larena, Siquijor Province. This festival celebrates the humble beginning of a progressive municipality joyfully expressed by the festivities of food and drinks, depicting the place which was once called “kan-anan” by traders from other places and dances in honor of the patron saint St. Vincent Ferrer who has served as the bastion of the people of Larena, their archangel patriarch to progress. During this celebration, the Canoan Food Street Festival lines the streets of Universal and Magsaysay Streets in Larena, with a schedule of live bands, live performances, and other entertainment to this Siquijor town.

Healing Festival in Siquijor

Healing Festival in San Antonio, SiquijorHealing Festival is celebrated during Black Saturday in Cantabon and San Antonio, Siquijor. This is a time when Siquijorian healers and herbalists as well as those from Visayas and Mindanao joined together in the preparation of concoctions made from a variety of tree barks, roots, herbs, insects and other ingredients known to have effective healing powers which were gathered every Friday of the Lenten season from the forests, caves and cemeteries. Preparation takes place on a Black Saturday where the herbalists crowded together in a circle and cook the mixture. They are also famous to produce love potions known to charm people and bring good luck. During this festival, the provincial government provides a venue for all Continue reading

Ka-Angkan Festival in Marikina

Ka-Angkan Festival MarikinaThe Ka-Angkan Festival kicks off Marikina’s festival season. It celebrates the value of kinship and belongingness and the solidarity of the multi-clan makeup in the city of Marikina. The “Ka-Angkan Festival, whose perennial theme is “Ka-angkan ko, mabubuting tao,” has a familiar fiesta flavor. Banners pennants, banderitas, and the invigorating sounds of drums and bugles are standard fare, as well as the parade of clans. Members of each clan turn uo in huge numbers, proudly proclaiming their bansag or special title, be it derived from their clannish occupation, distinct features, traits, or mannerisms. The Ka-Angkan Festival coincides with the celebration of Marikina’s founding anniversary. Continue reading

Bataan Day

Bataan Day PostageThe Bataan Day Celebration is an annual event in Bataan Province. War veterans and their families travel from all over the country to Mount Samat every April 9 to reminisce the past and celebrate the bravery of our soldiers who offered their lives for freedom. Prior to the big day, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Tourism Office sponsor activities like a photo contest and exhibit, quiz bees, beauty pageants, trade fairs, and a drum and bugle competition/exhibition.

Bataan Day is a national holiday in the Philippines. Also known as Araw ng Kagitingan, or Heroes Day, this holiday commemorates Continue reading