Estaca Hill in Bugasong

Estaca Hill Bugasong Antique Location Mountain Elevation Hiking Trail Summit Map Layout Distance Height Difficulty Trekking Climb Barangay Kilometer Cave Cave Camping History Description Watchtower Estaca Hill is located in Bugasong in Antique Province. Estaca Hill has an elevation of 200 feet with a view of the ocean and the hills adjacent to the community Bugasong. Estaca Hill was once the site of a watchtower to warn residents of invading Moro pirates. The hill is located 43 kilometers from San Jose. Continue reading

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

Siraan Hot Spring Health Resort Antique Thermal Sulphur Location Park Rock Stone Warm Water Temperature Basin Pool Swimming Aniniy Nogas Island View Highway Sulu Sea Depth Hours Fee Size Construction Sira-an Hot Springs is located in Dapog, Barangay Nato, Anini-y, in Antique Province. The Sira-an Hot Springs is a government-owned natural sulfur spring atop solid rock; warm water flows from the rock’s crevices and collects in tiled basins into a junior size, swimming pool. Sira-an Hot Springs is located along the highway 1 1/2 kilometers from Anini-y town proper and overlooking Nogas Island. One side of the resort faces the highway, and the other faces the Sulu Sea. To get to the Sira-an Hot Springs Resort, Anini’y is located 40.46 kms. from San Jose de Buenavista and is accessible by jeeps from Hamtik and Tobias Fornier. It is also accessible via the coastal road from Brgy. Tiolas in San Joaquin (Iloilo). Continue reading

Mount Napulak in Iloilo

Mount Napulak Tigbanaba Igbaras Iloilo Mountain Elevation Summit Province Antique Kanlaon Negros Occidental Dental Womans Breast Shape Coral Rock Peak Hiking Trail Tour Guide Location Trekking Camp Mount Napulak is the highest mountain in Iloilo Province. Located in Barangay Tigbanaba in Igbaras, Mount Napulak stands at an elevation of 1,200 feet above sea level. At its summit, tourists can witness breathtaking views of Iloilo Province, Antique Province, Mount Kanlaon in Negros Occidental. Mount Napulak’s shape resembles a woman’s breast where massive coral rock as big as a one-storey building sits on peak, providing an eye-catching view of Iloilo and portions of the Antique Province. The trails getting to the mountain exposes the area’s virgin forests and abundant wildlife. Continue reading

The Guiritsan Falls in Igbaras

Guiritsan Falls Igcabugao Igbaras Iloilo Waterfalls Height Hiking Trail San Remegio Antique Tubungan Miagao Don Benito Acap Southern Perimiter Boundary Water Swimming River Depth Length Camping Tour Guiritsan Falls is located in Igcabugao, in Igbaras, Iloilo Province. From Brgy. Igcabugao proper, you have to climb mountains for almost two hours.  Upon reaching the place, you feel the aura so romantic and so exotic.  Going to the place needs a couple of days. Igbaras is bounded on the north by the Municipality of San Remegio of the province of Antique; east by the Municipality of Tubungan, Iloilo; west by the Municipality of Miag-ao, Iloilo; south by the Municipality of Guimbal, Iloilo. To get to Guiritsan Waterfalls, take a jeepney at the Don Benito Q. Acap Sr. Southern Iloilo Perimeter Boundary Terminal in Barangay Mohon, Oton, Iloilo. Metered taxis are also available at the terminal. Continue reading

Batbatan Island in Antique

Batbatan Island Culasi Antique Province Mararison Scuba Diving Cove White Sand Beach Location Garaban Anemone Batbatan Island is located off the coast of Culasi in Antique Province. Batbatan Island is eight kilometers away from Mararison Island. The island is a mound of soft greenery, an attraction to scuba divers; has natural coves, anchorages and white sand beaches. Batbatan’s waters are known for the garaban, or hell’s fire sea anemone, which can sting and cause severe skin ulcers when touched. Batbatan has a population of 2600 residents and 540 households. Continue reading

EBJ Freedom Park in San Jose Antique

EBJ Freedom Park San Jose Antique Provincial Capitol Building Buenavista Plaza Governor Evelio Javier Monument Location The EBJ Freedom Park is located in San Jose, Antique, in front of the Antique Provincial Capitol building. The park used to be known as the San Jose de Buenavista Plaza but was renamed EBJ Freedom Park in honor of the late governor Evelio B. Javier. Governor Javier was assassinated on February 11, 1986 while defending freedom and democracy from the forces of martial law. At the park is the EBJ Monument, a bronze statue of Evelio Javier with his left hand waving a peace sign created by the National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Continue reading

Telegrafo Hill Boundary in Antique

Telegrafo Hill Boundary Antique Province Visayas Iloilo San Jose View Japanese Stronghold Hiking Horseback Riding Visayas Telegrafo Hill Boundary is located in Antique Province. Often mentioned as a haunted place in the Visayas, Telegrafo Hill was a stronghold of the Japanese during World War II. The place is ideal for hiking and horseback riding. Many ghosts and evil creatures are said to lurk in the shadows. Straddling the Iloilo-Antique boundary, it commands a view of San Jose, Antique.

Nogas Island in Antique

Nogas Island Antique Marine Sanctuary Naval Reservation Aniniy Lighthouse Location Iloilo Walkway Kalachuchi Trees Tour Guide Nogas Island is the only island in the southernmost part of Antique Province. It is a 24-hectare uninhabited marine sanctuary and government naval reservation island three miles from the shoreline of Anini-y town proper; 20 minutes by sailboat or motorboat; ideal for shell hunting, snorkeling and scuba diving. The most prominent feature of the island is a pathway surrounded by trees called kalachuchi. The pathway leads to an old lighthouse. There are no other facilities on the island. Continue reading

Mararison Island in Antique

Mararison Island Culasi Antique Malalison Fishing Village Beach Sand Mount Madjaas Panay Location Surf Scuba DivingMararison Island is a hook-shaped island located two hours away from Boracay by public transport. Located in Antique Province, the island’s name is also spelled “Malalison,” and is fifteen minutes away by a small fishing boat from Culasi. Mararison is basically a fishing village, so there are no big passenger boats to ferry visitors to and from the island. Mararison Island has a picturesque mountain ridges for a background, having refined white shells and corals for sand, transparent clear waters that boasts beautiful aquatic flora and fauna, hill tops perfect for short trekking that will enable you to see all of Mararison in its grandeur. According to local folklore, Malalison is one of three islands (including Maningning Island and Batbatan Island) believed to have been the banished daughters of Mt. Madjaas. Considered the highest peak in Panay, Continue reading

Bugtong Bato Falls in Tibiao

Bugtong Bato Falls Tibiao Antique Waterfalls Rock Stone Swimming River Location Hiking Height Moleta Tuno Water The Bugtong Bato Falls are located in Tibiao, Antique Province. The name of the falls came from the words bugtong (one) bato (rock or stone) that can be seen far below the first tier. Bugtong Bato is a multi-tiered waterfall ideal for excursions and picnics with excellent opportunities for bathing, swimming and picture taking. The water flows directly into the Tibiao River. First three waterfalls with height up to 150 ft. are accessible. The waterfalls are six kilometers from Sitio Moleta and accessible by motor vehicle up to Barangay Tuno and a short hike along murmuring streams and hidden rice terraces. Continue reading