The Anda Town Fiesta in Bohol

Anda Town Fiesta Bohol Thanksgiving Celebration Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location March Foundation Life History Fiesta Origins Pageant Lineup Parade Costumes Props Miss Photos The Anda Town Fiesta is celebrated annually in Anda in Bohol Province. The Anda Town Fiesta is a thanksgiving for the bounties of land and sea fervid affirmations of faith celebration of life and the life force, or quite simply, making merry. Culture, heritage and a wealth of folkloric tradition showcased in colorful moving pageantry and spectacular production numbers. Anda’s two biggest events are Dujanon festival which was indeed very successful and hopefully be an annual event in ANDA which truly captured in rhythms, spectacular and rustic costumes and dance the vibrant spirit of fun-loving people and the town’s Foundation day which is celebrated every 12th day of March will highlight 4-day musical nightly shows from different school institutions and exciting pinoy games on the BIG Event… Continue reading

The Hematite Hand Prints in Lamanok

Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints Lamanok Point Badiang Anda Bohol Petrographs History Description Stone Color Shape Size Tour Guide Age Paleolithic Stone Age Petroglyth Abstract Blood Island Discovery Lamanok Cave in Anda, Bohol is home to the petrographs discovered on its walls. The Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints are located at Lamanok Point, Badiang in Anda, Bohol Province. The rock painting is located in an isolated place and inaccessible except by boat or on foot. The rock hand prints is an evidence of civilization during the Paleolithic or Stone Age era.  The rock painting of Anda is different from the petrographs found in other countries because there were no images of bison, horses and cattle. The “art” found is abstract in nature and made with such such detail and subtle shading that they seem to confer a kind of power and dignity giving a pictorial narration by the ancient Boholanos. Continue reading

The Lamanok Cave in Bohol

Lamanok Cave Anda Bohol Location Shaman Faith Healers Holy Week Tour Guide Enchanted Human Corposes Skeleton Cavern Entrance Red Hematite Rock Prints Hiking Trail Depth History History Discovery Info Lamanok Cave is located in the northern part of Anda, in Bohol Province. This cave is a preferred destination for shaman or faith healers especially during Holy week. This place is believed to be enchanted because of human corpses were found in the various caves on the island. Red Hematite rock prints were also discovered in the Lamanok Caves. Lamanok is 30 minutes away from the center of Anda. Lamanok Point is accessible only by boat or on foot and situated in Barangay Badiang. It is believed to be the abode of the stone-aged. A tour of Lamanok Cave costs P300, which includes the short hike and scenic views of the mangrove and snorkeling near the island to see the giant clams. Continue reading

Lamanoc Island in Bohol

Lamanoc Island Anda Bohol Cradle Civilization Shaman Cave Manok Location Size Beach History Distance Boat Rental Tour Guide Fishing Badiang Resort Swimming Mythology Haunted Description Entrance Lamanoc Island is located in Anda, Bohol Province. Lamanoc Island is touted as the Cradle of Anda’s Civilization, displaying the beauty of unspoilt nature and rustic history and culture of early Andahanons. According to the folklore, the name Lamanoc was derived from the practice of shamans in preparing for their rituals in Lamanoc Cave. They usually bring native chicken (manok) as the main offering to their gods. This practice still lives on until now. Though shrouded in mystery and myths the beauty of Lamanok Cove doesn’t irk tourists who keep visiting the place. Whatever the myths, the place remains an idyllic location for sandy beaches and crystal clear sea and diving haven. Continue reading

Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa Bohol

Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa Hotel BoholWell-positioned in Anda, Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa is the ideal point of departure for your excursions in Bohol. Only 90. Km away, this 5-star hotel can be easily accessed from the airport. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations. Take advantage of a wealth of unrivaled services and amenities at this Bohol hotel. The hotel provides car park, airport transfer, bar, room service, safety deposit boxes to ensure our guests the greatest comfort. Continue reading