Ginisang Ampalaya

Ginisang Ampalaya is translated as Sauteed Bitter Melon. This Filipino vegetable recipe is one of the healthiest recipes around. Bitter melon is best known for anti-diabetes effects. It includes a chemical known as insulin-like peptide which is equivalent in shape and function to animal-produced insulin. Other chemicals, including vicine, in bitter melon may also have blood-sugar reducing benefits. Continue reading

Stuffed Ampalaya

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Stuffed Ampalaya is a vegetable and meat dish that is composed of bitter gourd (also called bitter melon) and ground pork. Ingredients include ampalaya, ground pork, onion, carrots, garlic powder, salt, ground black pepper, paprika, and egg.

For the complete Filipino Stuffed Ampalaya recipe, the required ingredients, cooking and serving instructions, preparation time, meal nutrition information, please visit the Panlasang Pinoy web site by clicking HERE. Continue reading