The Alimango Festival in Lala

Alimango Festival Lala Lanao Del Norte Araw Crab Meat Costume Dance Culture Parade Schedule Date Calendar March Schedule Origin Location Water Seafood Fiesta Celebration Party Competition Contest The Alimango Festival is held annually in Lala, Lanao del Norte Province. The Alimango Festival celebrates “Araw ng Lala” featuring displays of various types of alimango (crab). The Alimango Festival also features native costumes, dances and contests depicting and supporting local culture and a traditional and water-based parade passing through unspoiled mangroves. Various activities, such as native dance performances, are held to showcase the local culture and tradition. Alimango Festival, a celebration that culminates during the Araw ng Lala on March 22 of every year, is in line with the thrust of National Leadership and the Department of Tourism vision to develop and enrich community-based development and sustainable tourism. Continue reading