The Cambais Falls in Alegria

Cambais Falls Alegria Cebu Location Dalaguete Waterfalls Hiking Trail Water Size Swimming Length River Basin Camping Depth Stream Creek Height Distance Flow Tour Picnic Bathing Nature Guide History The Cambais Falls is located in Alegria in southern Cebu island. The waterfalls is considered as one of the hidden treasures in Alegria since few tourist known this place. The Calais Waterfalls features a deep and wide basin perfect for swimming. Above this are several smaller waterfalls where one can do cliff jumps. Going here involves a 30-min motorcycle ride from Alegria town and another 30- to 45-min trek. On going back to Cebu City, make sure to get a motorcycle that will take you to Dalaguete for amazing mountain views. Cambais Falls in Alegria is being cared for by two groups of farmers who are concerned about the integrity of the falls when tourist traffic was diverted to it upon the closure of a famous waterfalls in a nearby town. In order to control the impact the farmers decided to venture into micro enterprises and Continue reading

Lake Mainit

Anibongan Islet Kitcharao Lake MainitLake Mainit is the fourth largest lake in the Philippines. It has a total area of about 17,060 hectares and its lakeshore has total length of 62.10 kilometers. The lake is divided almost equally between the provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte. It is most known for its rich fish resources. There are 31 barangays in the municipalities of Mainit, Alegria, Kitcharao & Jabonga.

Lake Mainit is reported to be the habitat of rare fish species; the puyo or perch and gabot. These species have become rare due to the introduction of new fish species. Habitats of other rare and threatened wildlife Continue reading

Lumondo Waterfalls & Eco Park

Lumondo Waterfalls and EcoparkThe Lumondo Waterfalls and Ecopark is located at Barangay Budingin, Municipality of Alegria is just 2 kilometers from the Poblacion. One will be awed by the huge volume of water cascading into a 45 meter granite precipice a majestic panorama which can be viewed from a misty mountain trail. Continue reading