The Pototan Cave in Rapu-Rapu

Pototan Cave Rapu-rapu Albay Bicol Beach Location Entrance Cavern Size Hiking Trail Depth Distance Difficulty Visit Tour Guide Stalactite Length Stalagmite Map River Spelunking History Discovery The Pototan Cave is located in Rapu-Rapu in Albay Province. The Pototan Cave is located just ten feet above the beach line. Inside it runs an underground river that flows into many chambers and passageways where you have breathtaking views of stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes and sizes; and where geological, archaeological, cultural, historical and biological remnants exist. A subterranean river with a depth of 12 feet exists at this cave. Exploring the cave requires at least four hours of time. The Pototan Cave’s entrance is 30 feet high and is shaped like a yawning mouth. The Pototan Cave is located an hour and a half away from Legazpi City. Continue reading

The Satellite Market in Legazpi

Satellite Market Legazpi Albay Merchant Stores Ukay Ukay Crafts Bicolano Wood Products Handcarvings Leather Wallets Footwear Pasalubong Decorations Abaca Crafts Slippers Arts Colorful Hours Location The Satellite Market is located in Legazpi City in Albay Province. Located near the Central Bus Terminal, Satellite Market is a cluster of merchant stores selling crafts uniquely Bicolano, including wood products, leather, wallets, footwear, colorful home decorations, plant fibers and abaca crafts like comfy house slippers, artful and colorful bags, baskets of all shapes and colors, unique house decors, various house utility items and containers. Continue reading

Tiwi Hot Springs National Park in Albay

Tiwi Hot Springs National Park Bicol Medicinal Waters Bath House Thermal Sulfur Temperature Swimming Pool Naglagbong Lake Geothermal Electric Power Plant Hiking Traitrail Ocation Tour Guide History Tiwi Hot Springs National Park is located in Tiwi in Albay Province. Tiwi Hot Springs is known for its “medicinal waters.” The bath houses in the region and the waters are the most warm at Naglagbong Lake, a boiling sulfur pool. The Geothermal Electric Power Plant which harnesses steam and turns it into electricity is also located at Tiwi which is also the site of a thriving salt-making industry exported to the rest of the country and around the Continue reading

Casa Basilica Resort in Guinobatan

Casa Basilica Boutique Eco Resort Diversion Road San Rafael Guinobatan Albay Location Hotel Guests Rest Mayon Volcano Architecture History Distance Distance Countryside Landscape Rates Price Contact The Casa Basilica Boutique Eco-Resort is located in San Rafael, Guinobatan in Albay Province. Casa Basilisa offers guests an ideal place for the tired and weary to rest and rejuvenate. Very unassuming from the outside, it has never failed to surprise. As one foreign guest excitedly remarked on a mobile upon setting foot at the resort: “Honey, come over. I found paradise!” Mayon Volcano dominates the resort’s scenic countryside landscape. The base of this 2,421-meter active volcano is highly fractured with springs from which free-flowing waters emanate. These natural springs were harnessed to create a unique attraction that showcases Asian architecture, renewable energy such as solar, wind and biogas, and a riverbank bioengineering protection system. Continue reading

Simeon A Ola Day in Guinobatan

Simeon Ola Day Guinobatan Albay Calendar Date September Celebration Nonworking Holiday General Military Bicolano Hero Fiesta Schedule Events Parade Exhibit Revolutionary Movement Dance Parade Info Simeon A Ola Day, also simply known as Ola Day, is held annually in Guinobatan in Albay Province. Simeon A Ola Day falls on September 2 and is considered a nonworking holiday in Albay Province. September 2 is the birthday of General Simeon A Ola, a Bicolano hero during the Philippine-American War.  Simeon A Ola was born in Guinobatan, Albay, and is most known for being the last last general to surrender to American forces during the Philippine-American War. He was a student at the University of Nueva Caceres in Naga City in 1896 when he decided to give up his studies to join the local unit of the anti-American revolutionary movement in Albay. Continue reading

The Longganisa Festival in Guinobatan

Longganisa Festival Guinobatan Calendar Date Schedule August Bicol Culinary Product Celebration Fiesta Mass Church Motorcade Parade Music Sports Food Tournament Drum Competition Street Dance Concert Guinobatan hosts an annual festival in the celebration of Our Lady of Assumption, its patron saint. Until 2013, the town festival was called “Arandurugan Festival.” Held annually in August, Guinobatan now celebrates the Longganisa Festival, named after the local product listed under the Department of Trade and Industry’s “One Town, One Product” program. The aim of the Guinobatan Longganisa Festival is to promote Longganisa de Guinobatan as one of Bicol’s culinary delicacies. The annual celebration starts with a mass at the Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Guinobatan, followed by a motorcade. In the past, activities including music, food, sports tournaments, drum and lyre competitions, street dances, concerts highlight the festival. Also the longganisa culinarian is showcased to show the region’s Continue reading

Vera Falls at Mount Malinao

Vera Falls Albay Bicol Mount Malinao Province Waterfalls Location Depth Swimming Water Size Basin Rock Formation Tabaco City History Discovery Hiking Trail Map River Temperature Pictures Info Tour Vera Falls is located in Malinao, in the Bicol Region, at the foot of Mount Malinao in Albay Province.
Another hidden marvel in Albay, this falls offers a great escape from the metro. A place devoid of noise and pollution, one can enjoy a cool and refreshing dip in its clear green water. A bit small compared to other falls in the area, it still has a wide basin with few rock formations. The Vera Waterfalls are eight kilometers from Tabaco City, an hour and a half drive from Legazpi City and about 45 minutes drive from Ligao City via Sabloyon Road.

To get to Vera Falls, if coming from Legazpi City, drive to Tabaco after the church turn left, continue driving till you see the sign with `Malinao Rehabilitation Center` Continue reading

Arandurugan Festival in Guinobatan

Arandurugan Festival AlbayThe Arandurugan Festival is held every August in Guinobatan, Albay Province. Arandurugan festival which means “tarabangan or pagtutulungan” is the celebration of the cooperation, unity, association, collaboration and the harmonious co-action of the people in the municipality. This is also the feast celebration of Our Lady of the Assumption- the Patroness Saint. It was indeed a double celebration for the Guionobatenos. This is a way to give thanks for the bountiful lands and for the continuous blessings being showered to the people of Guinobatan. Continue reading

Lubid Festival in Malilipot

Lubid Festival AlbayThe town of Malilipot in Albay is famous within the province not just as an emerging tourist destination especially during summertime with its alluring beaches, but also its growing abaca industry which is comprising a portion of the provincial supply of the said product and at the same time being exported domestically and internationally. It is in this light that its municipal government has created the Lubid Festival (Lubid is the local name of abaca or hemp) which is celebrated annually on July 12th. The Lubid Festival is a week long celebration showcasing abaca hemp – locally known as lubid which the municipality is Continue reading

Mayon Planetarium and Science Park

Mayon Planetarium Science ParkThe Mayon Planetary and Science Park is Tabaco’s most visited tourist destination. Perched in the heels of Mayon Volcano, the Planetarium is at least 2,500 feet above sea level, offering visitors a stunning view of mainland Tabaco and its two islands, Natunawan and San Miguel. The height also gives the place a Baguio-like chill ideal for picnics and nature watching. Added attractions include horseback riding and guided treks within the park grounds. Continue reading