Kitu-Bao Cave in Cotabato

Kitu Bao Cave Alamada Cotabato Province Entrance Cavern Hiking Location Trail Exit Map Size Rocks Underground Water River Wildlife Bats Pictures Tour Guide History Discovery Barangay Transport The Kitu-Bao Cave is located in Alamada, Cotabato Province. The Kitu-Bao Cave has one entrance but three different exit points. Underground water, swallow birds, bats and other unknown insects can be found inside this cave. Continue reading

Mount Opao in Bao Alamada Cotabato

Mount Opao Bao Alamada Cotabato Banisilan Mountain Park Location Wildlife Vegetation Trees Cold Springs Water DistanceMount Opao is located in Bao, Alamada, in Cotabato Province. It is situated between the boundaries of Alamada & Banisilan. This mountain area is blessed with natural grown trees and source of cold spring water.



Asik-Asik Falls in Alamada

Asik Asik FallsBe captivated with the unique 140-meter wide curtain-like springfalls, feel the breeze of nature that could rejuvenate adventurers. Asik-asik, which is now the most popular destination in the region, is a perfect place for nature lovers. Continue reading