General Luna in Siargao

General Luna Siargao Island Agusan Del Norte Town Location Resort Surfing City Capital Beach Coral Barrier Waves Surf Tide Distance Kilometer Ocean Hotel Cloud Season Tour Guide Population Map Info General Luna is located on Siargao Island in Agusan del Norte Province. General Luna has the most resorts on the island along with a 27 kilometer stretch of sugar-white beaches, sapphire seas and natural coral barrier that keeps the inlet waters placid. Siargao Island is considered the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. At high tide, tube-like waves from the Pacific Ocean can be heard and seen throughout General Luna. The town is also the place where you can view different quality surfing waves in the famous Cloud 9. A perfect destination for surfing during the months of November to January and Island hopping adventure from November to January. Continue reading

Santa Monica Falls in Siargao

Santa Monica Waterfalls Siargao Agusan Norte location taktak falls island history hiking Trail water environment trees park swimming tour guide distance general luna entrance fee forest tropical info The Santa Monica Waterfalls, also known as Taktak Falls, is located on Siargao Island in Agusan del Norte. The Santa Monica falls feature a gentle burst of falling water amid the tranquillity of a tropical forest – this is an apt description of this waterfalls. The well preserved natural environment is another come-on. Taktak falls is enclosed by tall trees that provide shade to the area. The water is a little muddy but is extremely cool. If you ever get tired of the beach, go here for a more private and refreshing dip. The Santa Monica falls is located an hour and a half ride from General Luna. Entrance fee to visit the falls is P15. Continue reading

Aling Cayao Island Agusan del Norte

Aling Cayao Island Claver Agusan Norte Mining Town Deep Blue Sea Southern Coral Beach White Sand Resort Tour Guide Boat Rental Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Surfing Water History Location Fishing Aling Cayao Island is located 21 kilometers away from the mining town of Claver in Agusan del Norte province. Aling Cayao Island stands in the deep blue seas like a sentinel in the southern portion of the province. The corals are well-preserved and the beach is pristine white. Aling Cayao can be reached by boat from Claver. Continue reading

Lake Bababu on Basilisa Island

Lake Bababu Basilisa Dinagat Agusan Del Norte Island Province Puerto Princesa Melgar Cebuano Baba Buwaya Crocodile Mouth Cove Inlet Beach Trail Hiking Granite Wall Underwater Cave Entrance Water Boat Lake Bababu is located on Basilisa Island, Dinagat in Agusan del Norte Province. Lake Babu is situated between Puerto Princesa and Melgar in Basilisa. Lake Bababu’s name was derived from the Cebuano words ‘baba sa buwaya,’ or crocodile’s mouth, referring to the shape of the Babas Cove, the inlet that funnels to a small white-sand beach where the lake trail begins. This mountain lake is a sight to behold, the steep descent (and ascent) add thrill to an avid adventurer. Surrounded by huge wall of granite, small underwater caves are in great abundance in the region of Lake Babu. Lush vegetation dominates the virginal periphery. Lake Bababu has an underwater channel connected to the sea, thereby feeding the lake with saltwater from below while fresh water at the top remains uninterrupted. Continue reading

Sumayajaw Festival in Jabonga

Sumayajaw Festival Jabonga Agusan Del Norte August Feast Lady Assumption Thanksgiving Celebration Date History Costumes Origins The Sumayajaw Festival is held annually in Jabonga, Agusan del Norte province. Jabonganons living in other places will really come home to Jabonga to witness the Sumayajaw Festival. The festival is celebrated every 15th of August, the fall of the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption. This is a thanksgiving offering through songs, dances and “Luwa” (lyrical poem) for the bounties showered by the Heavenly Father through the intercession of Our Lady of Assumption – the Patroness of Jabonga. Sumayajaw dates back as far as one can remember. But the staging of Sumayajaw as a festival began in 2002 with Rev. Fr. Almado C. Ecarma, the Parish Priest, at the helm believing that Sumayajaw would not only unite the Jabonganons but would also bond with the visitors as they gather at the Town Square. Continue reading

The Magellan Marker in Agusan del Norte

Magellan Marker Magallanes Agusan Del Norte Landmark Shrine Agusan River Spanish Conquistador Buag Butuan Ferdinand Sovereignty The Magellan Marker is located in Magallanes, Agusan del Norte province. The marker is the location of Magellan’s landing site, and also proclaims that the first Mass was held in Butuan, Mindanao on April 8, 1521. The Magellan Marker was erected by the Spanish District governor José Maria Carvallo in 1872. A monument containing the marker can be seen by the bank of the Agusan River, at Butuan’s former poblacion known today as the town of Magallanes after the Spanish conquistador. Magallanes, in the olden days was called Baug, formerly the site of Butuan. Butuanons believe that their city is where Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan proclaimed Spanish sovereignty over the Philippines in 1521. Continue reading

Guyam Island in Siargao

Guyam Island Siargao Agusan del Norte General Luna Beach White Beach Location Sports Activities Surfing Hut Cottages Guyam Island is located across the General Luna Beach in Siargao, Agusan del Norte province. Guyam is an an islet with powdery-white sand and a cluster of coconut trees. It is a small, privately owned island with a spectacular view of the incredibly powerful waves of Siargao Island. A few meters away from the island, one can go surfing and do other sports activities. There are open hut-cottages you can chill and relax. Guyam Island can be reached by pump boat from General Luna in less than 10 minutes. Continue reading

La Vista Conchita Beach in Nasipit

La Vista Conchita Beach, Nasipit Agusan del NorteLa Vista Conchita Beach is a classic provincial beach on the Nasipit easternmost stretch at Cabagtucan, Ata-Atahon, Nasipit, Agusan del Norte. It boasts of the biggest land area among the beaches in town with an area of 5,042 square meters with a beachfront of 160 meters. Distinguished by an airy, tropical feel, La Vista Beach resort offers amenities such as a spacious function hall for large gatherings and cottages under the wide spreading Talisay trees. It is a wonderful venue for family outings, picnics, reunions, meetings, camping or for just enjoying a few life pleasures that a beautiful beach sunset can offer.

Mayugda Falls in Jabonga

Mayugda Falls, Jabonga, Agusan del NorteMayugda Falls is situated along the road at Purok 1 Poblacion Jabonga. It is just a short three-layer waterfall with an approximate measurement of 2 meters. Passers by really admire this naturally cool, attractive and multi-level waterfalls. Mayugda Falls is now taken cared of by the municipality because of the expansion of the tourism project. Flowers and other plants in its surroundings further enhanced its beauty. Cleanliness is also maintained. The falls is not only rich in natural beauty but also with an enchanting story. According to the townsfolk there were times wherein people took some shots at the falls but nothing appears at the picture. So, come and visit Mayugda Falls. You will discover its true beauty and the truth behind its enchanting tale.

Higanteng Bato in Cabadbaran

Higanteng Bato Agusan del Norte CabadbaranHiganteng Bato is considered the biggest boulder in Agusan del Norte Province. This giant rock measures 124 meters in circumference, 31 meters wide, and 54.13 feet in height and is the largest stone in the province. Below it flows the clean, clear, and crystalline water. It is located in an area that is rich in gold, in Sitio Pirada of Barangay del Pilar, Cabadbaran City, Agusan del Norte. This are was previously mined by large mining companies such as Benguet Mines Company, Lepanto Mining Corporation and Manila Mining Corporation. There’s a waterfall and a cool stream at the foot of this enormous rock by the way. You need to wade through the river and endure a hike through rocky and rugged colossal boulders to get here.