The Agtalin Shrine in Pilar

Agtalin Shrine Dulangan Pilar Capiz Statue Blessed Virgin Mary Mountain Location Mass Schedule Time Visit Pilgrimmage Site Saturday History Construction Description Church Religion Idol Size Feet The Agtalin Shrine is located in Dulangan, Pilar in Capiz Province. Considered as one of the tallest religious icons in the country, the Agtalin Shrine is an 80 foot statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary atop a mountain.  Thousands of devotees attend mass here every first Saturday of the month. The International Marian Research Institute listed the Agtalin Shrine as a premier pilgrimage site. It is believed that some faithful with incurable diseases were healed by praying at the shrine. They have a mass in first Saturday of the month. Even though it is so tired before you look the whole body of Mama Mary but still other people they tried their best, yet because they have a good miracle for their dream, blessings and Continue reading