Bonchon Chicken at the Abreeza Mall in Davao

Bonchon Chicken Wings RiceboxThe Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Davao is located inside the Abreeza shopping mall. Bonchon Chicken is a New York based franchise chain specializing in Korean style fast food cuisine. Ever since Bonchon opened its doors, diners have been lining up to taste Bonchon’s Korean style crispy and tasty drumsticks and chicken wings. Their chicken can be described as very crunchy but light and not oily, with hot juicy meat and sauced the Korean Bonchon way.

In order to have crispy Korean style chicken, a double-frying method is implemented, in which the first batch gets rid of the chicken fat to make it more crispier; And the second fry has added their spicy seasoning or their Soy garlic for the unique flavoring. Continue reading