Limbo Lake in Abra

Limbo Lake Villaviciosa Abra Location Size Swimming Depth History Fishing Hiking Trail Benguet Ilocos Road Camping Length Water River Outlet Resort Description Tour Stop Info Fish Wildlife Barangay Limbo Lake is located in Villaviciosa in the southern part of Abra Province. Though not as popular as the Kimkimay Lake, it offers an ideal place for campers and hikers for it cannot be reached by jeepneys and buses. The distance to travel is however negligible. Villaviciosa can be reached from Benguet Province through the AbraIlocos Sur Road, the most frequently used route. From the province of Ilocos Sur, Villaviciosa Lake can be reached through the Candon via San Emilio to Luba-Tamac, Villaviciosa Road and the Sta. Maria-Burgos, Ilocos Sur via Pilar-Villaviciosa Road. Continue reading

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge in Abra

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge Abra Tayum Lagangilang Dolores River Water Construction History Collapse Repair Length Height Kalinga National Road Highway Boundary History Location Longest Toll Info The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is a steel bridge cutting across the mighty Abra River in the municipality of Tayum, Abra. Located along the Abra Kalinga National Road which is the third longest bridge in the country today with a total length of 886.812 linear meters. The Don Mariano Marcos Bridge is strategically located between the boundaries of Tayum, Lagangilang and Dolores at one scenic portion of Abra River. The Don Mariano Marcos bridge itself collapsed in 1989. It took the Philippine Department of PUblic Works and Highways seven years to repair the bridge. Continue reading

The Abra River

Abra River Mountain Province Ilocos Sur Length Kilometers Lagang Ilang Malaya Range South China Sea Vigan Depth Swimming Size Distance Water Overflow Stream Fishing Cities Farm Valley History Info The Abra River is the major artery and source of life for the people that live in Abra Province. This is the biggest, longest and most popular river among the numerous rivers criss-crossing the valleys of the province. The Abra River runs from high in the mountains through lowland farms and into the China Sea, and through several provinces. two provinces, including the Mountain Province, Abra Province and Ilocos Sur. The Abra River flows northward for more than 90 kilometers. At Lagang-ilang, the river bends to the west, breaks through the granite wall of the Malaya Range and empties itself into the South China Sea (south of Vigan). For many generations, communities along the Abra River made their living from farming, fishing, handicrafts, and small-scale mining of gold and copper. In recent years, large corporations have begun mining the area’s gold, Continue reading

Pinaing Sacred Stones of Bangued

Pinaing Sacred Stone Dumayco Penarrubia Bangued Abra Rock Hollow Balete Tree Pinipinaing Village People Anito Spirit Ancestor Myth History Description Explained Size Pictures Superstition Fable Folk The Pinaing are sacred stones found in Dumayco, Penarrubia, 6.62 kilometers from Bangued in Abra Province. In the hollow of a huge Balete Tree are found sacred stones called pinpinaing by the village people which symbolizes the anito (spirits) of their ancestors. Continue reading

Gabriela Silang Monument in Abra

Gabriela Silang Monument Pidigan Abra Filipina Revolutionary Landmark Statue Location Diego Silang Generala Rebel History Mountain Gabriela Silang Monument in Abra is located in Pidigan. Gabriela Silang was the first Filipina to lead a revolt against Spain. She was born in Ilocos Sur on March 1, 1731. After the murder of her second husband, Diego Silang, she led his troops in a policy of harassment that earned her the title of “Generala”. Outnumbered she fled to the mountains where she was captured, and after a summary trial, hanged publicly in Vigan on September 20, 1763. Today, her monument stands at the town plaza of Pidigan, near the Tangadan Tunnel, to remind every one of the gallant stand and the ideals she and her husband fought and died for.

Boliney Hot Spring in Abra

Boliney Hot Spring Bani Abra Swimming Water Springs Bathing Cold Temperature Mountain Location Temperature Tour GuideThe Boliney Hot Spring is located in Bani, in Abra Province. The place is ideal for swimmers who love taking a bath in hot and cold water. You should bring some extra clothes after swimming but aside from that, you might need to bring some extra durable slippers. Aside from its hot spring, the locality offers a vivid experience in mountain travel with a winding road cruise alongside and between mountain ranges. The Boliney Hot Spring can be reached by jeepneys after travelling 32 kilometers of dirt road. There will be some trekking involved before you could reach the spring. In order to get to Boliney, you have to first cross a river and five streams to get in and out of the municipality. Continue reading

Don Teodoro Brillantes Museum in Abra

Don Teodoro Brillantes Museum Tayum Abra Family House Ancestral Spanish Culture Exhibit Location Schedule Spain Collection The Don Teodoro Brillantes Family Museum is located in Tayum, Abra Province. It is the ancestral house of Don Teodoro Brillantes. Today it is a private museum which houses the collections and mementos of the Brillantes family with a strong reflection of the Spanish culture. Delve into the past when Spaniards ruled over the country. This museum showcases a collection of moments and antiques the provide a glimpse of Spanish culture that was prevalent centuries back in Abra. Continue reading

Libtec Underground River in Dolores

Libtec Underground River Dolores Abra Cave Entrance Location Size Depth Hiking Stalagmites Pictures History Distance LengthThe Libtec Underground River in Dolores is an enchanting river housed in the Libtec Caves. This underground river is located in Barangay Libtec, Dolores, in Abra Province. From a distance, one can see a cave protruding at the surface of a seemingly empty field. But underneath, the surface a flowing underground river mirrors the jutting stalagmites, giving one both a sense of wonder. Residents in the area claim the place is home to some “mysterious” water creatures.

Tangadan Tunnel in San Quintin, Abra

Tangadan Tunnel San Quintin Abra Usok Ilocos Sur National Road Gabriela Silang Monument Length Construction HighwayThe Tangadan Tunnel is located San Quintin, Abra. Tangadan Tunnel is also known locally as “Usok” located in Barangay Tangadan in the town of San Quintin. It has a length of 62.5 meters. If you try to notice the provincial seal, there is a horse symbolism and at the side of the tunnel, there is a row of horses too. Near the tunnel is a horse monument where Gabriela Silang is riding. The ‘Usok’ in Tangadan was built in 1934 and took 2 years to complete. During World War II, Allied forces tried to destroy the tunnel twice to impede the advancing Japanese soldiers. It did not totally collapse. It was restored in 1961 through the efforts of former Congressman Lucas Paredes who worked for the appropriation of over P200,000.00 for the tunnel’s reconstruction and improvement. The Tangadan Tunnel is located along the AbraIlocos Continue reading

Abra Province

Abra ProvinceAbra is an inland province in the Cordillera Administrative Region in Luzon Philippines, bordered in the north side by the Ilocos Norte and Apayao, south side by Ilocos Sur and Mountain Province, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur on the west side, and in the east side is Kalinga and Apayao. As it straddles the Ilocandia and the Cordillera, these landlocked province is a melting pot of the lowland people of dominant Spanish ancestry and the unique ethnicity of the upland Tingguian tribe.

Insulated by the Mountainous Gazebo, nature has remained prestine in Abra and life goes on in a relaxed pace away from the humdrum Continue reading