Surigao City

Surigao CityPopularly known as the City of Island Adventures, this haven of leisure and adventure boasts of 17 panoramic islands blessed with long stretches of white sand beaches, mystical caves, captivating rock formations, vast mangrove forest and under water sceneries.

Experience the warmth and hospitality of the Surigaonon people as you embark on an island hopping adventure – from the picturesque Basul Island, the mecca of game fishing in the Island of Danawan, a journey through the “floating” village of Day-asan, paddle along the emerald waterways amidst the lush mangrove forest of Manjagao and dip in the crystal blue waters of Sagisi Island. Explore the underwater wonders of Punta Bilar, Nonoc and other dive sites dotting the Surigao Strait.

More than what our islands can offer, numerous inland escapades will surely captivate anyone’s fancy. The enchanted cave of Silop and Buenavista await those with the daring spirit, our rolling hills and fertile plains offer countless opportunities for campers, trekkers and bikers to be one wth nature. Surigao is truly a melting pot of diverse attractions and endless discoveries. Even if you just stay close to the city center, one can go skim boarding in the powdery sands of Sabang Beach or bask in the beauty of the sunset at Mabua.

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