Sun Valley Golf Club in Antipolo

Sun Valley Golf Club AntipoloThe Sun Valley Golf Club features an 18-hole golf course and is operated separately from the Sun Valley Residential Estate. The golf course provides a convenient, leisurely and easy access to golf for the future residents and guests. In line with the trend to provide quality golf to more people, the management has decided to open the golf course to the general public. The course offers challenging play for anyone seeking to test their skill and picturesque landscapes and stunning vistas for those looking for a more laidback round. In addition to the 18 holes, another three beautiful holes are added to make it a 21-hole golf course. The additional three holes will be used as practice venue for the proposal golf academy. These additional holes maybe used to replace some regular holes scheduled for more aggressive maintenance and to give variety of play for the golfers. Sun Valley has been described as one of the best course in the country.

Sun Valley was conceived with the philosophy that access to great golf need not be exclusive. The Philippines has long been known among international business and golfing circles as one of the best places in Asia to golf at a reasonable price. Golf has become one of the favorite past time and was even added as an olympic sport.

Antipolo provides some distinct advantages as a golf venue. Its proximity to Metro Manila provides easy access from the various parts of the metropolis. The “natural assets” of the area also makes it a perfect place for someone looking to spend their day communing with Mother Nature.

The Antipolo hills, set against the backdrop of the Sierra Madres, provide a spectacular panorama, straight out of the box. The dramatic contours, natural water features and scenic woodlands of the locale make the area even more attractive.

Although the physical terrain features of the course keep it challenging, they also present stunning vistas and offer vibrant natural scenes that makes your score an afterthought. The dramatic elevation changes serve up views of the spectacular natural landscape unfolding all the way to the horizon. Turning a corner on the twisting course leads to scenes that are postcard picture perfect.

Work is continuous on the course to further refine the worksmanship. Given all the accolades, compliments and flashy descriptions that have applied to the course, Sun Valley continues to be an absolutely splendid surprise. A field of emeralds and jade wrapped in amber, sprinkled with crimson. The most artful prose fails in describing how magical seeing dawn breaking over the green hills of the course. It’s best to put simply – it’s the start of another perfect day at Sun Valley.

The clubhouse offers an excellent panoramic view of the golf course. Its functional design provides a steady flow of breeze cooling the golfers as they enjoy their cup of coffee and drinks.

The two wings of the clubhouse host locker rooms, a restaurant, a view deck, function rooms and an infinity pool. The structure is modern and functional while continuing to be in sync with the natural elements around it.

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