Suman Balintawak at Naval Central Market

Suman Balintawak Naval Central Market Biliran Sticky Rice Cake Chocolate Flavor Mango Sugar Location Taste Price Vendor Shop Time Hours Morning Ordering Sales Distance Breakfast Snack Pasalubong Suman Balintawak is one of the products that should not be missed at Naval Central Market in Biliran Province. Suman are rice cakes made with sticky rice. Naval’s suman isn’t the regular suman. Suman Balintawak has your choice of chocolate or mangoes cooked in the center of the sticky rice. No need to dip these in sugar! The suman runs out in the morning, though. If you want fresh suman to take home on the day of your flight, visit the market a day in advance and make a reservation. You can then pick up your suman on the following day, worry-free.

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