Suhot Cave in Dumalag

Suhot Cave Dumalag Capiz Water Cavern Arched Entrance Pool Rock Spring Mount Pangiraon Location Provincial Road Albar Terminal Sigma Hiking Trail History Tour Guide Width Depth Sulfur Description Suhot Cave is located in Dumalag, Capiz Province. Suhot cave is famous for its cave and crystal clear, cold water and beautiful surroundings. At the cave’s arched entrance is a pool of clear, ice-cold water fed by a rock spring from within the cave. Further on, however, is a crack in the rocks where sulfurous water comes out. Its water is rich in sulfur that urinates from Mount Pangira-on water drips by drop. Suhot Cave is located 300 meters away from the provincial road, and it has a series of interconnected caverns of different sizes. Suhot Cave is located 60 minutes from Albar Terminal, 30 minutes from Sigma Capiz, and ten minutes away from the munipicality of Dumalag.

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