Subic Bay Scuba Diving

Subic Bay Scuba Diving Shipwrecks Site Location World War Uss New York United States Cruiser Japanese Many places around the world brag at having three or four shipwrecks within an hour from their centers. Subic Bay has about a dozen, plus more for the technical divers, within ten munutes. The ships are mostly from WWII. Near the northern end of the airport is The USS New York the United States Navy’s first armor cruiser seeing service from the Spanish American war. Inactive at the outbreak of WWII she was scuttled to prevent her being captured and repaired. Nearby her are two Japanese ships sunk during the war. In a cove near the southern end of the airport is a small Japanese patrol boat also sunk during the war. Near her are two small US ships sunk by storms after the war. Outside of the cove is an LST. Near her is another storm casualty a US freighter and there is a Spanish gun boat from the Spanish American war. Subic Bay does not have the crystal clear waters of most other Philippine locations. With wrecks it does not matter much, also in the world of diving a type of diving called muck diving is becoming popular and Subic Bay has many sites for muck diving.


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