Sinanggiyaw Festival in Dumanjug

Sinanggiyaw Festival CebuThe name Sinanggi-yaw is taken from two old Cebuano words, Sinanggi meaning abundance of harvested agricultural products of our farmers and Sayaw meaning dance. Through street dancing and field presentation, performers shall dance merrily bringing all the Sinanggi-performance focused on three aspects: planting, harvesting and thanksgiving. The Sinanggiayaw is held on the 4th of October in the town of Dumanjug, province of Cebu.  On celebration, the people in town are always preparing a colorful costume, a wonderful parade and an entertaining dance. They are displaying their agricultural products and some of the harvests, like rice, corn, coconut, camote and banana. The street dance is focusing on three aspects, the planting, the harvesting and lastly, the thanksgiving to their patron for such a bountiful harvest. During the event they have an exhibit of wood crafts, handy crafts, garments and other agricultural products. You will never miss in every event the singing contest that is being audience by many tourist, balikbayan and local officials of the town and its constituents. There are also group dance contest which has a theme about the natural resources of the municipality of Dumanjug. The contestant’s are most likely young people, by which makes the youth aware of the importance of agricultural resources, and becoming more involved in helping to take good care of our nature.

The festival also is a family affair which every individual or member of the family are participating for the upcoming event. Many tourist around the world spend their vacation every year just to witness the beautiful place and the wonderful festival. The people who live in Dumanjug are very hospitable. There are many more activities are which being held during the event with some fun games with prizes for every participant, group or individual.

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