Sangley Point Naval Air Station in Cavite

Sangley Point CaviteNaval Station Sangley Point was a communication and hospital facility of the United States Navy which occupied the northern portion of the Cavite City peninsula and is surrounded by Manila Bay, approximately eight miles southwest of Manila.

The Naval Station Sangley Point was not large, encompassing an area of only 341 acres. Half of which was occupied by its most valuable asset: the 8000 foot runway and its associated air-operations facilities and air-navigational aids. The primary mission of Sangley was to provide maintenance, support, and materials for the regional operations of U.S. Seventh Fleet.

The base was the headquarters of Commander U.S. Naval Forces Philippines/ Commander In Chief Pacific Representative Philippines (COMNAVPHIL/ CINCPACREPPHIL), considered to be the most important activity supported by Naval Station Sangley Point. It also supported two patrol squadrons, deployed on Sangley on a rotational basis to help fulfill the Mutual Defense Pact with the Philippines.

The Coast Guard Air Station and the CG Ship Nettle played a vital role in search-and-rescue operations and in the maintenance of remote long-range aid-to navigation (LORAN) stations located throughout the Philippines. The Fleet Weather Facility was tasked with furnishing weather information to ships and aircraft operating in the Western Pacific and East China Sea areas. The Naval Station Sangley Point also provided support for one Fleet Air Wing detachment, a Naval Communications Center, Marine Barracks, a Recruiting Detachment, and Navy Exchange and Commissary Stores.

Early in December 1970, it was officially announced that U.S. Naval Station Sangley Point would be closed. On July 1, 1971, Sangley Point changed status from active to inactive in preparation for the turnover of the facility to the government of the Philippines. The Sangley Point Closure Detail was activated under the command of an Officer-In-Charge, Capt. Waldo Atkins, with a 95-man, 7-officer contingent.

On September 1, 1971, the base was officially turned over to the government of the Philippines, thus ending 73 historic years as a U.S. Naval facility. It is currently used as a facility of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

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