The Samar Archeological and Cultural Museum

Samar Archeological Cultural Museum Calbayog Building Location Christ King College Campus Collection Artifacts Display Exhibit Contact Manager Cantius Kobak Franciscan Friar Burial Jars Porcelain Info The Samar Archeological and Cultural Museum is located in Calbayog City in Samar Province. The museum, formerly known as Samar Archeological Museum, is located at the Christ the King College campus. This is the first and only archeological museum in Samar. It opened on April 11, 1970 as a repository of artifacts collected from various places in Samar Island. Its new name pays tribute to the late Fr. Cantius Kobak, ofm the Franciscan friar who took the initiative to open this museum and is acknowledged as “The Historian of Samar“. The present holdings of the museum include burial jars, Chinese porcelain, log coffins with skeletal remains, religious items, among others. The museum’s main attraction is the so-called “dragon jar”—a massive jar etched with the image of a dragon. Carbon dating tests found the jar, originally from China, to be over 1,000 years old. Most of the artifacts were found in Capul, a small island under the jurisdiction of Samar—proof that culture knows no area, that each town has a story to tell.

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