Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Calbayog

Saints Peter Paul Cathedral Calbayog City Samar Church Parish Construction Building Renovation Repair Location History Structure Architecture Schedule Mass Calendar Priest Wedding Distance Pulpit The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is located in Calbayog City in Samar Province. This is the most recognizable structure for all Calbayognons. Located at the heart of Calbayog City, the Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral (built in the 1850s; dedicated 1915) is considered as the biggest church (building) in Samar. Various renovations/repairs have stripped off some original features like the ornate chandeliers, the dormers, the frescoed ceiling and the pulpit. The present structure is a confluence of various architectural styles. But the Spanish influence is still exuded by the cruciform ground plan, the dome, the black and white tiles and especially the gold-leafed retablo with its intricate carvings and Antique images of saints.

There are daily flights from Manila to Calbayog City and back, and flight time is approximately one hour. You may opt to travel by land via South Road for 16 hours in a distance of 682.2 kilometers. If you take the land option, you must use a ferry boat which will bring you across the San Bernardino Strait from Matnog Port of Sorsogon to Allen of Northern Samar and then the bus ride continues until it reaches Calbayog City.

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