The Hematite Hand Prints in Lamanok

Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints Lamanok Point Badiang Anda Bohol Petrographs History Description Stone Color Shape Size Tour Guide Age Paleolithic Stone Age Petroglyth Abstract Blood Island Discovery Lamanok Cave in Anda, Bohol is home to the petrographs discovered on its walls. The Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints are located at Lamanok Point, Badiang in Anda, Bohol Province. The rock painting is located in an isolated place and inaccessible except by boat or on foot. The rock hand prints is an evidence of civilization during the Paleolithic or Stone Age era.  The rock painting of Anda is different from the petrographs found in other countries because there were no images of bison, horses and cattle. The “art” found is abstract in nature and made with such such detail and subtle shading that they seem to confer a kind of power and dignity giving a pictorial narration by the ancient Boholanos.

The ancient people here used the so-called red hematite painting (with the use of stones as tools and blood from animals) to create hand paintings as if giving messages that “we are here”.  Paint pigments came mostly from minerals.  Red was made from an iron oxide called hematite or red ochre.  White came from gypsum or diatomaceous earth.  Black was made from charcoal or from manganese oxide.  These ground up pigments were mixed with a binder-water, animal fat, or plant juices- to make them into paint, which was applied to the rock with the fingers or with brushes made from animal tails.

To tour the Red Hematite Rock Hand Prints in Lamanok, Anda is located 100 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, which is two to three hours away by bus or van. Tricycles can then take you to the jumping off point to Lamanoc Island at Badiang, roughly five kilometers from the town center. For convenience, it may be more practical to rent a car with driver from the city, especially if you’re traveling in a group.  The island tour takes about three to four hours. Tours cost PHP 300 per person, inclusive of entry fee, paddle boat transfers, and tour guide.

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