Quirino Province

Quirino ProvinceQuirino Province lies in the southeastern portion of Cagayan Valley (Region II), approximately between 121° 00’ to 122° 02’ N latitude and 15° 54.8’ to 16° 38.6’ W longitude. It is situated within the Upper Cagayan River Basin bounded by Isabela on the north, Aurora on the east and southeast and Nueva Vizcaya on the west and southwest. The Sierra Madre Mountain Range provides a natural barrier on the eastern and southeastern border and Mamparang range on the western part of the province.

The province of Quirino was formally established on February 10, 1971 upon assumption to office of the first elected provincial and municipal officials headed by Dionisio A. Sarandi as Provincial Governor. Eventually, on February 25,1983, Batas Pambansa Blg. 345 was enacted, creating the municipality of Nagtipunan, a division of the Municipality of Maddela. Part of the province’s comparative advantage is its accessibility to Aurora (Region 4), which makes it a viable entry/exit through the coastal area of Aurora. Long before its creation, Quirino was the forest region of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya inhabited by tribal groups popularly known as the Negrito or Pugots. These tribal groups roamed the hinterland and built their huts in the heart of the jungle area.  Quirino Province acquired its juridical personality as a result of the division of the Province of Nueva Vizcaya on June 18, 1966 under R.A. 4734. It was named in the honor of the then President Elpidio A. Quirino. The municipalities of Diffun, Maddela, Saguday and Aglipay composed the newly born sub-province and the first elected Lieutenant Governor in the 1967 general elections was Hon. Jose B. Aquino.

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