The Quezon National Forest Park

Quezon National Forest Park Atimonan Quezon Location Sierra Madre Mountains Pagbilao Pedro Burgos Atimonan Province Sapinit Malaki Maliit Amao Sapang Ulo Guitong Creek Location Kilometer Distance The Quezon National Forest Park is located at the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, and in the municipalities of Pagbilao, Padre Burgos and Atimonan, all within the Province of Quezon. The park is traversed by Sapinit Malaki, Sapinit Maliit, Amao, Sapang Ulo, Guitong Munti, Guitong Malaki and Nalubog Creek. “Geological Features: Consist of natural features such as caves, waterfalls and limestone formation. The park offers panoramic view of lowland areas. It is traversedby the Daang Mahalika Famous scenic portion of the road is the Bitukang Manok compared to Kennon Road of Baguio.

Quezon National Forest Park is located 164 kilometers southeast of Manila. The infamous Zigzag Road passes through the middle of the forest park. Big vehicles are not allowed to use this way because of its steep grades. In 1934 the forest was declared as a National Park. Some of the interesting features of the park are the intricate system of caves, gorges, luxuriant greens, springs as well as waterfalls. Here you can find diversity of animals such as wide varieties of butterflies, monkeys, deer, wild pigs, monitor lizards, snakes and nocturnal animals. The park considered as bird sanctuary, abode of wild species of growl foul resembling rooster known as Labuyo, parrots, tarictic, calaos, doves and pigeons.

The Park and Game Warden offers information and assistance to those wish to hike. The trek going to the peak of the park is trilling than exhilarating since the trail was well-defined and maintained. It takes two hours to reach the peak and observe the flourishing fauna and the interesting endemic creatures in the area. With a clear sky is a panoramic view of China Sea and Pacific Ocean.


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