Puerto Princesa Bay

Puerto Princesa BaywalkPuerto Princesa Bay is located mideast of the city. Tricycles within the city proper can take visitors to the port of Puerto Princesa where one can have leisurely walks at sunrise and catch a glorious view of the bay, or when going to other destinations within the bay area.

The area is a major entry point by water access to the City of Puerto Princesa. It offers first impressions to the traveler. The site is ideal for bay and mangrove cruises. Bayside resorts provide accommodation and dining facilities with a panoramic view of the bay. Others also offer water-based sports activities. The annual celebration of Layagan, a boat sailing contest and festival that commence from San Rafael off Honda Bay culminates at the bay area. Puerto Princesa bay is a major port of call for smaller ships and boats going to Sulu Sea destinations such as the Cuyo islands and Tubbataha Reef, a diver’s paradise.

Dolphin watching is a sure hit every summer. With clear cold blue water in Puerto Princesa Bay anyone can witness these beautiful sea wonders. Hundreds of dolphins are swimming, spinning, diving, somersaulting and acrobatic. The site is only about an hour boat drive from Puerto Princesa Bay. Anyone can witness these spectacular dolphin shows.

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