How to Get to Puerto Galera by Bus & Ferry

Muelle Pier Puerto GaleraMany buses from different companies travel between Manila and Batangas Port. The only way to distinguish them is to determine whether they travel through Lipa City or via the Star Tollway. Choose a bus that has these two signs in the front window: “Batangas Pier” and “calabarzon”, which means via Star Tollway. Some now tout the sign “via ACTEX” or “Non‐stop” ‐ these are even quicker. Air‐conditioned buses from the following companies are frequent and most provide Wifi Internet aboard: Jam Transit, DLTB and Ceres Liner.

Buses to Bantagas Pier that use the South Super Highway and Star Tollway can be found at bus stops along EDSA or at the corner of Taft Avenue and Gil Puyat Avenue (Buendia) in Pasay City (leaving every hour or more frequently). We only recommend the air‐conditioned buses as opposed tothe “ordinary” (non‐air‐conditioned) buses to Batangas Pier.

Under normal circumstances you can allow two‐and‐a‐half hours travel time for buses routed along the Star Tollway and four hours for those that go through Lipa City. The fare is around Php170 per person. Note: Bus operators use the first‐come‐first‐served method of seat allocation; there is no advance booking.

N.B. Currently the first scheduled ferry trip to Muelle Pier (Puerto Galera town) is at 07:30 hrs. (7.30 am) ‐‐ fare Php230 per person ‐‐ and the first scheduled ferry to Sabang is around 07:30 hrs. (7.30 am); last scheduled ferry trip to Muelle Pier is around 16:00 hrs. (4.00 pm) and the last scheduled ferry to Sabang Beach is 16:30 hrs. (4.30 pm) ‐‐ fare Php230 per person. Other charges: Port Terminal Fee is Php30 per person and the EUF is Php50 per person. If you miss the last ferry then you will need to find accommodation in the Batangas City because the coast guard has recently enforced a “no nighttime sailing policy”. Also note that there is an additional Php20 local tax for departing from Sabang Beach back to Batangas – this is paid to “facilitate improvements in safety and security around Sabang town”, although apart from a virtually useless CCTV camera at the pier it is unclear what is actually being paid for.

What is the “EUF”? The EUF is the Environmental Usage Fee charged by municipal authorities, governing tourist destinations around the Philippines. The EUF may vary depending on the destination. The current EUF for non‐residents entering Puerto Galera is Php50 per person. This is a one‐time fee payable before you enter the Batangas Pier Passenger Terminal building.

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