The Negros Oriental Provincial Capitol

Provincial Capitol Dumaguete Negros Oriental Location Building Province Administration History Construction Architecture Greek Columns Layout Map Visit Address Hall Aquino Freedom Park The Provincial Capitol in Dumaguete is located in Negros Oriental. Constructed in 1924, during the American colonization of the Philippines, the building was and inaugurated by Negros Oriental Governor Enrique Villanueva on 25 February 1925. The building is Grecian in character defined by tall Ionic columns. This classic building with its imposing façade faces the Aquino Freedom Park. During this period of American occupation the colonizers hired the services of city planner and architect Daniel Hudson Burnham to design the new provincial capitol.  Before it was located in what is now the Serafin Teves residence at the Rizal Boulevard.

The Grecian style dominated American architecture during this period.  It was the first truly national style in the United States, found in all regions of the country.  The popularity of the style was due to the strong associations with classical tradition and democracy.  It was very adaptable, and permeated all levels of building, form high to low.  The Americans wanted to spread this type of style to its colonies.  In Manila, similar buildings can be found like the Post Office, Department of Tourism and the National Museum.  Other Provincial Capitols with similar architecture are Negros Occidental, Leyte and Cebu.

Dumaguete is located on Negros Island and is 640 kilometers southeast of Manila. Flight time between Manila and Dumaguete is one hour and 15 minutes. A ferry from Manila to Dumaguete will take 40 hours (1 day and 16 hours) via the Super Ferry.


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