Poco Deli in Makati

Poco Deli Deli Restaurant Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati Manila Kapitolyo Pasig Location Menu Dining Food Restaurant Address Manager Contact Telephone Calories Nutrition Bacon Slab Meatloaf Dinner The Poco Deli is located in the Ayala Triangle Gardens in Makati City, Manila. A favorite along the strip of dining establishments in Brgy Kapitolyo in Pasig, aficionados of Poco Deli rejoiced upon the launching of a branch in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Having the same ambiance with wooden tables and benches, Poco Deli remains the go-to restaurant for sausages, cake, and comfort food. The bestsellers are the scrumptious Bacon Slab- which has thick slabs of bacon over bacon rice and two fried eggs, the Irish beef stew- which has beef that is marinated in dark beer to bring out the unique fllavor. The Homemade German Meatloaf and Gourmet Tapa are also dished up with eggs and bacon rice. The meals go well with the Citrus Delight- a rejuvenating and sparkling beverage with four different types of fruits and soft drink. (Be sure to request for it because it is not included in the menu!) Leave space for dessert because their heavenly desserts include the Blackout Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake or Cupcake and frozen yogurt among others. Their telephone contact number is (02) 477-4332

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